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Q1.You were appointed as president in April this year. Would you share your thoughts on management?

Komatsuís corner stone of management remains unchanged, even when presidents change. It lies in commitment to Quality and Reliability in order to maximize our corporate value. We define our corporate value as the total sum of trust given to us by society and all stakeholders.

At Komatsu we have The KOMATSU Way, which spells out Komatsuís strengths that our forerunners have built on, the beliefs that support those strengths, basic attitudes toward work and the code of conduct which demonstrates those values. The KOMATSU Way is shared as Komatsuís DNA by all Komatsu Group employees around the world. I am also going to inherit The KOMATSU Way in my management, thereby continuing to constantly emphasize the basics, such as safety, environmental conservation, compliance and quality assurance, while striving to ensure further business growth in order to increase the trust of all stakeholders.

Under the leadership of Mr. Sakane, then President and CEO (FY2001 Ė FY2007) and currently Director and Councilor, Komatsu moved business forward under the slogan of DANTOTSU. Under the leadership of Mr. Noji as President and CEO (FY2007 Ė FY2013), global teamwork as a key concept of management was emphasized. During the days of these two presidents, they both stressed the importance of Gemba (workplace) at the bottom line of management.

All corporate activities are essentially based on Gemba. I am also going back to the basics of our Gemba philosophy in order to learn more about all Gemba, such as customers, distributors, manufacturing sites, human resource development and places of contact with society. In this manner, I will make all-out efforts to ensure we collaborate with all our partners and offer new innovations.

The slogan of the new mid-range management plan, which I am going to discuss later, is "Together We Innovate GEMBA Worldwide". I would like to see that all Komatsu Group employees will team up with distributors and suppliers, work to improve customersí Gemba together with them, and offer innovations designed to create new values so that we should be able to continue to grow in our core businesses of construction and mining equipment as well as industrial machinery. I hope this slogan will clearly express these feelings I have.