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Interview with President and CEO

Q1:You were appointed as president in April this year. Would you share your thoughts on management? Q2:Corporate social responsibility is gaining importance for sustainable growth of companies today. Please share your thoughts about this trend. Q3:Environmental efforts are also becoming ever more important in business activities today. In Japan, especially since the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake, reduction of electric power consumption has resulted in an urgent task. What kind of environmental efforts is Komatsu planning for the near future? Q4:Please describe the accomplishments of the "Global Teamwork for Tomorrow" three-year mid-range management plan which was implemented from April 2010 through March 2013? Q5:You have announced a new mid-range management plan with the target year of FY2015. Please tell us how you are perceiving future market conditions and basic policies based on this perception. Q6:Please give us an outline of the new mid-range management plan and specific goals. Q7:Would you elaborate on the growth strategies based on innovation, which you have positioned as one of the basic strategies in the new mid-range management plan? Q8:What are you going to emphasize in the growth strategies of existing businesses, the second of the basic strategies? Q9:What are you planning to emphasize in structural reforms designed to reinforce the business foundation, the third one of the basic strategies in the mid-range management plan? Q10:Please discuss your projection of business results for FY2013, the first year of the new mid-range management plan.