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Growing with Society

Risk Management

While Komatsu continues to make efforts to improve corporate value, it recognizes issues
related to compliance, in particular the environment, product quality, accidents and information
security, as risk factors for sustainable growth and is therefore implementing the following countermeasures.

Basic Principles and System for Risk Management

  • Komatsu has established Risk Management Rules to correctly recognize and manage risks, for which the company has appointed personnel in charge of individual risks, further promoting the build-up of a solid foundation for risk management.
  • Komatsu has established a Risk Management Committee to devise risk management policies of the Komatsu Group, evaluate risk measures in place, and take control of risks when they surface. The Risk Management Committee regularly reports its reviews and activities to the Board of Directors.
  • Komatsu will establish an emergency headquarters when serious risks surface and work to minimize damage(s) and implement appropriate measures.

Implementing a Business Continuity Plan

Komatsu has formulated a business continuity plan (BCP) to carry out major operations without suspension, or restore them after a short suspension, should a disaster or accident occur.

At the Head Office, we conduct regular drills to ensure that employees are capable of taking appropriate action in the event of a real emergency, assuming the occurrence of an earthquake striking beneath the greater Tokyo metropolitan area, a disaster considered to be highly probable.

All our plants have been enhancing the seismic strength of their buildings and facilities while developing measures against torrential rainfall in accordance with the plans each plant has formulated.

Moreover, in the event of an outbreak and subsequent epidemic of a new strain of influenza, a specialized committee will be set up to implement appropriate measures. We also strive to deepen employees' understanding by providing an action manual on how to prevent and respond to an outbreak, and related education.

Drill for a first stage response by the interim emergency headquarters at the Head Office

Drill for a first stage response by the interim emergency headquarters at the Head Office

Rescue drill with the Tochigi Prefectural Aviation Firefighting Team at the Koyama Plant using a disaster prevention helicopter

Rescue drill with the Tochigi Prefectural Aviation Firefighting Team at the Oyama Plant using a disaster prevention helicopter

Promoting Risk Management throughout the Group

To reinforce the risk management structure across the Group, Komatsu is working to enhance the level of management at each Group company by establishing reporting lines and manuals related to risk and through explanatory meetings and study sessions on risk management and BCPs.

We are also strengthening our Group-wide system for communications in times of emergency by introducing tools such as an emergency contact and employee safety confirmation system and a wide range two-way radio and by conducting regular drills on using the system and securing communications.

Consolidating Information Security

Information Security Guidebook

Information Security Guidebook

With the Information Security Committee at its core, Komatsu is developing a structure for information security for the entire Group and implementing various control measures. As part of this, we distribute an Information Security Guidebook to all employees in order to raise their awareness of thorough compliance with the rules.

Additional measures have included the establishment of a protective framework for our system to prevent information from being falsified, destroyed, leaked or lost due to negligence or unauthorized access from outside the company.

Moreover, we undertake information security audits to confirm that measures are being effectively implemented, and to discover defects and make the required improvements.

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