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CSR and the Environment 

Enhancing Quality of Life

Enhanced Safety

Safety is one of the most important issues at Komatsu as we expand our business. In addition to enhancing the safety of our products and services, we also emphasize safety at customer sites and the workplaces of our employees and business partners.

Enhanced Safety at Customer Sites

ICT, environment, and safety are very important considerations in Komatsu's product development. In addition to supplying products that provide superior safety performance, we also strive to prevent accidents and failures. We do this by making recommendations and holding lectures together with our distributors to ensure that the machinery at customer worksites is operated safely.

Content of Safety Workshops (based on case studies of construction equipment sales in Japan)

  • Know-how in safety management and risk aversion
  • Safety measures based on past experience
  • Safe operation of different types of construction equipment

Initiatives for Business Partners

Please refer to "Together with Business Partners."

Initiatives to Ensure the Health and Safety of Employees

Our company issues our president's message on occupational health and safety, and in April 2011, "Occupational Safety and Health Policies" were newly incorporated in Komatsu's Worldwide Code of Business Conduct. These policies will be promoted through joint activities by the company and its employees.

>> http://www.komatsu.com/CompanyInfo/profile/conduct/#c05

The Group will foster occupational safety, mainly through small "zero-accidents" activities held on a full participation basis. While continuing to upgrade safety-related education and training, the Group aims to support safety activities at Group companies around the globe. We will continue to strengthen our Group-wide health and safety system and also implement mental and physical healthcare management to promote employee health.

>> http://www.komatsu.com/CompanyInfo/csr/2013/1-1.html

Under the Slogan "Full Participation," 1,200 Employees Strive for Zero Accidents

Yuichi Matsumoto
General Manager, Safety & Environment,Administration Department,Komatsu Forklift Japan Ltd.

Safety and health convention for all employees

Safety and health convention for all employees

Pointing and calling method for daily inspection at the start of operations

Pointing and calling method for daily inspection at the start of operations

Training to handle heavy objects in a risk factor scenario

Training to handle heavy objects in a risk factor scenario

Cone barriers are set up to ensure safety during work at customer sites.

Cone barriers are set up to ensure
safety during work at customer sites.

Komatsu Forklift Japan was established in October 2009 through the merger of nine Group forklift sales companies in Japan that had previously operated independently. At first, the new company experienced some tension over differing approaches and business cultures related to safety. These differences were ultimately overcome, and a company-wide system was established by 2012 to manage occupational safety and health under the following principles.

  • [1] We will make safety our top priority.
  • [2] We will deliver safety and security to continuously earn customer trust and loyalty.
  • [3] We will fully comply with our rules.

(pertaining to required safety equipment and protective gear and full adherence to operational standards)

Within this framework, we engage in the following activities under the slogan "full participation."

  1. Occupational safety and health conventions where all employees participate
    A convention is held nine times around the country so that all employees can hear about policies governing occupational safety and health activities from the president, reports on contingency planning case studies and lectures on safety and health. The objective of this convention is to raise employee awareness about occupational safety and health.
  2. Sharing of "Hiyari-Hatto" (close call) incidents, training to anticipate potential dangers and simulations of dangerous situations
    Morning safety assemblies and safety training sessions are conducted at each site under the supervision of regional safety promotion officers. The participants share local examples of "Hiyari-Hatto" incidents, are trained to anticipate potential dangers, and take part in simulations of dangerous situations aimed at preventing accidents.
  3. Safety patrols to ensure thorough site improvements
    The president periodically visits sites across the nation in an ongoing effort to improve safety and ensure that safety procedures and the 5Ss* are being implemented at company sites as well as during forklift maintenance at customer sites.

As a result of these activities, we were able to reduce the number of accidents in FY2012 by 35% from the previous year.

We intend to draw the full participation of all employees so that efforts are continuously made every day to deliver safety and security and thereby continue earning the trust and loyalty of our customers.

*Seiri (sorting), seiton (setting in order), seiso (systematic cleaning), seiketsu (standardizing) and shitsuke (sustaining)

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