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CSR and the Environment

Developing People

The KOMATSU Way and Human Resource Development

The development of global human resources is an ongoing theme for the Komatsu Group. In addition to disseminating education in the KOMATSU Way so that it can be shared by employees worldwide, the company has set up a system geared toward training professionals in various fields.

Revision of the KOMATSU Way

We distributed the second edition of the KOMATSU Way in November 2011 and held briefings for managers at our plants and subsidiaries in Japan to explain the revised content.

Our overseas subsidiaries have been translating the second edition of the KOMATSU Way into the languages of their locations, and the translations for major subsidiaries were completed before March 2013.

The KOMATSU Way, Second Edition
  • Introduction / What is the KOMATSU Way?
  • Top Management
  • "Monozukuri" for all employees
  • Brand Management
Key themes of the Management Section (Summary)
  • Top management shall act with awareness of CSR, always have familiarity with the workplace, and formulate management policy based on analysis of data from the workplace.
  • Make sure to hold board meetings regularly. Thoroughly discuss the agenda items through these steps: Reporting / Discussions / Resolutions.
  • Top management should explain, in their own words, the current conditions and future direction of the company to all the stakeholders including employees.
Thai and Chinese versions of The KOMATSU Way; more language versions will be made available.

Thai and Chinese versions of The KOMATSU Way; more language versions will be made available.

KOMATSU Way briefing at the Ibaraki Plant

KOMATSU Way briefing at the Ibaraki Plant

Briefing at Bangkok Komatsu

Briefing at Bangkok Komatsu

Human Resource Development and Training Structure

Komatsu strives for sustainable growth of both the company and employees through human resource development. Our policy is that "each employee should set high goals and be self-reliant and self-motivated in acquiring knowledge and skills" and that "the company should support employee career development through the implementation of necessary education for both the company and employees in a focused manner."

While fulfilling the education of professionals in a variety of fields, the company also supports the acquisition of knowledge and skills at every level at the company. Regular explanatory sessions and discussions are convened at Group companies to disseminate the KOMATSU Way and incorporate it into human resource development around the world at each level of the company hierarchy, as well as to allow this knowledge to be handed down to younger generations.

The Komatsu Education System

ZOOMThe Komatsu Education System

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