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CSR and the Environment

Our Approach to CSR

Komatsu's CSR Themes, Key Activities andExamples of Concrete Initiatives

Examples of Komatsu's CSR themes and key activities and concrete examples of initiatives are summarized below.

Activities, policies, etc. not included in the table below are introduced on the Komatsu CSR website.

CSR Themes and Key Business Activities Examples of Concrete Initiatives Reference
1. Enhancing Quality of Life -Providing products required by society-
  • Providing products and services that contribute to infrastructure development and improve quality of life
  • Improving productivity, safety, and efficiency and enhancing energy conservation through the use of ICT
  • Improving environmental efficiency at operation sites and plants
Construction Equipment of the next-generation utilizing ICT
Biodiesel Fuel (BDF) Project
Introducing environmentally-friendly products and services to the market
Line up of Tier4 machinery
New hydraulic drive forklift 'FH Series'
Developing the latest engine technology
Fiber laser cutting machine and miniature servo press
Reducing the CO2 emissions and effective utilization of resources in business units
Energy saving project (Realizing lower energy requirements, revamping production and alternative energy sources)
Expanding Komatsu's energy-saving activities to suppliers
'Zero emissions' activities
Saving water resources
Taking measures to maintain biodiversity at business units and facilities
  • Reducing environmental impact throughout the product life cycle
Reducing CO2 emissions in logistics
Improving load efficiency and utilizing nearby ports for transport
Promoting the "Reman" business
Remanufacturing used components such as engines, and placing them back on the market
Raising the recyclability of construction equipment
Adopted chlorine-free hydraulic hoses (Established recycle route for disposing hydraulic hoses)
Achieved 99% reduction with Tier4 compliant vehicles
  • Enhancing safety for customers, society, employees, and business partners
Increasing the safety of products, services, and workplace
Enhancing Quality and Reliability
Holding training sessions for customers
Pursuing initiatives that deal with occupational health and safety at the workplace
2.Developing People
  • Contributing to human resource development in local communities
Developing human resources related to acquiring skills for servicing construction equipment
Developing human resources in Africa, China and Myanmar
Cultivating the Next Generation
Social Contribution Efforts in Germany, Japan and Sweden
  • Enhancing our employees and suppliers through The KOMATSU Way
The KOMATSU Way and human resource development
  • Enhancing our employees and distributors through "Brand Management"
Brand Management initiatives
3.Growing with Society
  • Engaging in dialogues with our stakeholders
Communicating with stakeholders
Dialogue with stakeholders
Communicating with sharehoders, local society and employees.
Communicating with business partners in the supply chain
  • Providing social contributions through the use of our core technologies and resources
Disaster relief reconstruction after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami
Project for Creating Safe Villages
  • Contributing to local communities where we do business
Global social contribution programs tailored to the needs of each region
Cultivating the Next Generation in Germany, Japan and Sweden
Supporting the Flower Association of Japan and Promoting Sports
  • Strengthening corporate governance and compliance
Ensuring compliance by top management and all employees
Corporate Governance
Promoting Compliance
  • Promoting compliance with environmental, labor, and social norms within our group and among business partners
Initiatives that address CSR Procurement
Establishing CSR procurement guidelines and bringing awareness to business partners
Pursuing environmental initiatives jointly with business partners
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