Activities for Fostering Cooperation and Harmony with Stakeholders

Communication with Customers

In order for its construction equipment to be put to the greatest possible use by its customers, Komatsu has assembled a large collection of construction and environmental recycling equipment at the Komatsu Techno Center in the city of Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. The company conducts study sessions on a wide variety of topics, including explanations of means for improving operational skills, operating techniques to limit fuel consumption, and new products with features never before offered, among other topics.

Maximizing Customer Satisfaction

In order to determine whether its quality assurance activities are actually contributing to increased customer satisfaction, Komatsu conducts checks of customer satisfaction on a regular basis. Komatsu takes the valuable opinions, needs, and evaluations of its customers very seriously and uses them to improve quality assurance activities even further.

Customers from a major construction firm during a research trip to the Techno Center

•Overview of the Komatsu Techno Center

Demonstration area: 14,000m2
Excavation area: 4,000m2
Outside track: 900m×10m
All-weather demonstration viewing stand
Demonstration models: Approx. 40 types

Training Centers around the World

Komatsu gives customers training to utilize the potential of Komatsu equipment safely and to the maximum in its training centers around the world. In these training facilities, employees of Komatsu and those from its distributors are also trained for sales and after-sales service skills and knowledge of higher quality.