Providing Environment-friendly Products and Services

Developing Noise-reduction Technologies

Utilizing Acoustic Testing Laboratories

In order to strengthen its research on low-noise construction and mining equipment, Komatsu built an acoustic testing laboratory in the city of Hiratsuka in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The testing laboratory has anechoic chambers covering an area of 484 m2, making it among the largest-scale chambers on earth. Komatsu is able to have any product among its entire lineup manufactured in Japan running inside this laboratory, and is thereby able to make further progress on a variety of low-noise related research.

Demand for low-noise construction equipment has been increasing internationally. Komatsu is promoting the development of construction machinery with outstanding low-noise capabilities rooted in its industry-leading noise-reduction technology utilizing this acoustic testing laboratory.

Acoustic testing laboratory

Compliance with EU Noise Regulations

EU noise regulations have become increasingly stringent in phases, with Tier II (2006 and beyond) regulations following those of the Tier I (2002 and beyond) phase. In response to this, Komatsu Hanomag GmbH in Germany has achieved noise levels of 68 to 69 dB on average in its factory, which are quite low. The company has successfully created a pleasant work environment in its factory. In addition, small wheel loaders, which constitute a major product of Komatsu Hanomag, have been commended for their low-noise features among other qualities, and in FY2005 they received German "Blue Angel" eco-mark certification. The Blue Angel eco-mark, widely recognized throughout Europe, is among the most important indicators for consumers, designating eco-friendly products and corporations' environmental stances.