Providing Environment-friendly Products and Services

Reuse of Used Components

The Reman business consists of remaking used machine components of construction and mining equipment such as engines into components of the same quality as newly-manufactured ones by various processes and supplying them to the market. The Komatsu Group is promoting the Reman business at Reman Centers installed at seven of its operation bases around the world. "Reman," an abbreviation of "remanufacturing," offers the customers the following benefits.

  • The same quality and performance as those of new components are guaranteed
  • The cost of a "remanned" component is lower than that of a new one
  • A proper level of inventory of "remanned" components permits reducing the idle time of construction equipment
  • The recycling and reuse of components helps save resources and reduce waste

Providing Reman-related Information

Komatsu has set up "Reman-Net," networking Reman Centers around the world. Komatsu is thus promoting its Reman operations at the global level and facilitating the active use of reused and recycled items.

Reman Process

For further information, please refer to the following PDF file.