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Emissions Regulations for Diesel Engines

Tier III emissions regulations introduced in Japan, the U.S., and Europe in 2006 require a substantial reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx). During the development of Tier III-compliant engines, it is necessary to reduce both NOx and particulate matter (PM) simultaneously, while improving fuel consumption in order to lower customers' running costs.

By taking advantage of its in-house development and manufacturing capabilities of electronic control technologies as well as key components such as engines and hydraulic equipment, and by incorporating leading-edge technology, the Komatsu Group has overcome this technological challenge and successfully developed "ecot3" engine technology. Komatsu is working actively to introduce to the market new products incorporating "ecot3" technology.

U.S. Emissions Regulations for Diesel Engines

Tier III-compliant engine that incorporates Komatsu's advanced engine technology "ecot3", PC200-8 hydraulic excavator, D155AX-6 bulldozer

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Tier III-compliant Engine Technology "ecot3"