Providing Environment-friendly Products and Services

The Spirit of Manufacturers: Consideration for the Environment

Environment & Economy

Komatsuís Environment and Economy means that it provides satisfactory solutions for both environmental impact reduction and economic efficiency through superior manufacturing technologies with Monozukuri.

Developing environment-friendly products must be done at competitive cost. Otherwise, these products cannot establish a presence in the market and will not contribute to reducing environmental impact. In FY2006, Komatsu implemented Environment and Economy through the development of such products as:

- The WA600-6 wheel loader, PC128US-8 hydraulic excavator, and other construction and mining equipment compliant with Tier 3 emission standards, which became effective in 2006.

- Industrial machinery such as the large AC servo press.

These efforts resulted in increased user-friendliness as well as in reductions in CO2 emissions.

DANTOTSU (Unique and Unrivaled) Products

Komatsu has taken up the challenge of introducing to the market DANTOTSU products. DANTOTSU products are those demonstrating truly outstanding performance, especially in the areas of environment, safety, and IT. In particular, with regard to environmental performance, CO2 emissions reductions are being achieved through technology addressing exhaust gases as well as the enhancement of fuel efficiency.

Major Achievements in FY2006