The Basic Stance of Management

As the cornerstone of its management, the Komatsu Group is committed to enhancing Quality and Reliability in order to maximize corporate value. Komatsu considers corporate value to be the total sum of trust given to it by society and all corporate stakeholders.

This principle of Quality and Reliability not only applies to the Komatsu Group's products and services that bring satisfaction to customers, but also extends to all other aspects of the Group, including organizations, businesses, employees, and management.

Enhancing Quality and Reliability

In particular, the Komatsu Group has been working to strengthen corporate governance and Monozukuri in order to enhance Reliability, which has been a source of Komatsu's strength

Strengthening Corporate Governance

To maximize its corporate value, it is important for the Komatsu Group to design a framework in which the Group can enhance its corporate value in a steadfast manner. This task calls for not only maximizing the total market value of Komatsu shares and working to expand sales and profits but also striving to satisfy a broad range of stakeholders, especially customers, to the fullest extent.

Top management officers of Komatsu Group companies are expected to conduct steady management with full awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) while making constant efforts to ensure Quality and Reliability in management. Moreover, the officers are stepping up the revitalization of the Board of Directors-the core body for corporate governance-and the establishment of an internalcontrols system while continuing to enhance the transparency and soundness of management.

All employees of Komatsu Group companies are expected not to postpone but to promptly work on solutions and corrections when they discover issues and/or problems related to the rules in all business areas and domains.

Strengthening Monozukuri

It is critical for Komatsu as a manufacturer to promote reform based on the Monozukuri concept in order to enhance its competitiveness.

This concept means that the Komatsu Group has to rise to every challenge toward creating safe and innovative products in the spirit of unified teamwork of every division and partner related to the value chain-the chain of entities through which added value emerges-spanning from research, development, procurement, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service divisions to the management division as well as to partner companies and sales agents. Furthermore, the Group emphasizes environmental friendliness in all activities throughout the product lifecycle.