What Komatsu Can Do and What It Must Do for the Global Environment

Efforts to Mitigate Climate Change

To address the issue of climate change, Komatsu is proactively undertaking efforts to assess and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted through its business activities and during the operation of its products.

Greenhouse Gases by Type and Activities to Reduce their Emissions

Provisional calculations have shown that almost all of Komatsu's greenhouse gas emissions are of carbon dioxide (CO2). The methods listed below are the primary means by which the company promotes the assessment and reduction of its CO2 emissions.

  • Development: Reduction of the amount of CO2 emissions based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) during the development of new products
  • Manufacturing: Promotion of energy-conservation activities through ESCO* operations, etc.
  • Distribution: Reduction of the amount of CO2 emissions through improvements in the truck loading ratio during the transport of products and parts
  • Operation: Recommendations for energy-conserving operation methods through the use of information provided by construction equipment operation management system KOMTRAX

*Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) provide comprehensive services with regard to energy conservation in factories or buildings, enabling a realization of energy conservation while maintaining the same performance as before, and they guarantee that energy conservation effects will result from the measures they recommend.

Amount of CO2 Emissions by Komatsu Manufacturing Facilities and Komatsu Castex Himi Plant

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