What Komatsu Can Do and What It Must Do for the Global Environment

Environmental Management Structure

Recognizing that environmental issues are an integral part of its corporate mandate, the Komatsu Group established the Earth Environment Committee in 1991 and created its environmental management structure. Following this environmental initiative, the Group formulated the Komatsu Earth Environment Charter in 1992 and launched its environmental conservation activities. The Strategy Review Committee is responsible for matters related to corporate management while the Earth Environment Committee is in charge of examining individual policies. After the Earth Environment Committee formulates environmental policies, the executive officers of the respective divisions and subsidiary companies are responsible for enhancing and applying these policies to meet their objectives in accordance with the functions of their own division or company. Further, an officer in charge of environmental conservation activities at each business unit implements these policies. When a policy includes important objectives, subcommittees of experts, so-called key persons, or working groups established in each division study them and work jointly with other divisions to develop solutions for environmental issues.


Komatsu has been engaged in a Group-wide undertaking to acquire ISO14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management systems, with a view to enhancing management quality through strengthening systematic steps towards environmental conservation. Through these measures, all manufacturing facilities in Japan acquired certification by FY2002.

In FY 2006, the Komatsu Group engaged in several environmental management activities, such as conducting assessments of the new Ibaraki and Kanazawa Plants before they launched operations. As a result, in April 2007 both plants acquired certification, having undergone inspection while surveillance audits were conducted at Komatsuís four other plants. From now on, Komatsu (non-consolidated), including its Head Office, will work to acquire integrated certification even as the Group moves forward in acquiring certification at its new plants outside Japan.

Environmental Education and Training

The Komatsu Groupís fundamental education system distributes the responsibility for education such that the parent company develops educational materials and provides educational services on commonly relevant academic issues for use by Komatsu Group companies, whereas instruction regarding more hands-on matters, including unique features and points particular to individual business units, are conducted by relevant divisions in each business unit.

In FY2006, Komatsu conducted almost the same curriculum for environmental education and training as in FY2005. As a means of further enhancing understanding of environmental issues, the company held e-Learning courses for managers and employees after a two-year hiatus. Furthermore, to accelerate understanding of compliance issues, the company conducted refresher courses for internal auditors. Whatís more, in light of the growing importance of the climate change issue, each business unit held environmental lectures focused specifically on global warming.

The number of persons who have some environment-related certificate has far exceeded the minimum requirement. However, from the viewpoint of risk management, employees are encouraged to obtain a suitable certificate.

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