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Mitigating Climate Change (Initiatives to Mitigate Climate Change in Business Operations) Reducing CO2 Emissions in Manufacturing Operations

As a part of our efforts to mitigate climate change, Komatsu set more aggressive objectives in FY2013 for the amount of electricity, fuel gas, fuel oil, and other types of energy used in manufacturing operations , using CO2 emissions per unit of manufacturing value as the indicator.

In 2010, to contribute to Post Kyoto Protocol climate change measures, we set a goal that by 2015 we would reduce CO2 emission levels by 40% compared to the levels in 1990. Since then however, in light of the electricity supply crunch that followed the Great East Japan Earthquake, activities to further reduce power consumption were started with an ambitious goal of a 54% reduction compared to FY2000 levels.

As a result of the energy-saving activities undertaken—such as the establishment and start of high efficiency lines and removal of old lines, along with the use of renewable energy and the popularization of various production improvements revolving around the “Company-wide Power Reduction Project Team” established in May 2012—the indicator of CO2 emissions per unit of manufacturing value was reduced by 42.7% compared to FY2000 levels. In addition, the ratio of renewable energy for in-house power generation was 13.4%, an increase of 1.3 times the previous year’s amount.

CO2 emission at Komatsu’s overseas manufacturing sites have also been reduced by 33.2% compared to FY2005 as a result of fuel conversion and lateral spread of improvement examples from Japanese plants.

From FY2016, aiming for the achievement of new mid-term goals, we will promote the reduction in CO2 emissions index numbers by updating buildings that are over 40 years old to buildings that incorporate the newest energy-conserving technology, and by making small but steady improvements on job sites.

CO2 emissions(Japan)

CO2 Emissions (Japan)

CO2 Emissions (Overseas)

CO2 Emissions (Overseas)

Proportion of renewable energy for electricity self-generation

Proportion of renewable energy for electricity self-generation