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Mitigating Climate Change (Mitigating Climate Change through Products and Services)  New Model Battery-Powered Forklift Expansion Series “FE30-1”

The “FE25-1” (*1), which was introduced to the market in January 2014, is an innovative battery-powered forklift that combines engine-powered forklift equivalent outdoor capacity (waterproof and dust-proof qualities) and ease of use (rehydration is unnecessary and it has rapid recharging capabilities, recharging up to 80% over a one-hour lunch break) with the environment-friendliness and economy of a battery-powered forklift.



As an expansion of this series, the “FE30-1” was released in September 2015. This model, with 1/3 the CO2 emission rate (*2) compared to the previous diesel engine powered forklift, will greatly contribute to CO2 reduction. In addition, KOMTRAX “makes visible” the battery charge progress and the electricity consumption, while the large-size color multi-monitor makes it possible to check environment related information such as the amount of electrical charge and the cumulative amount of CO2 emissions (*3).

*1 For further details on the “FE25-1”, please refer to the Environmental Report 2015 “Market Introduction of Newly Developed Forklifts”.
*2 Comparison with Komatsu’s 3t Diesel Engine Powered Forklift based on in-house calculations.
*3 Cumulative amount of CO2 emissions was calculated using emission coefficient set for conversion.

[Main Specifications]
Item Unit FE30-1
Vehicle Mass kg 4,590
Maximum Cargo Weight kg 3,000