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Mitigating Climate Change (Mitigating Climate Change through Products and Services) The ICT Construction Equipment Expanticr Series

The SMART CONSTRUCTION initiative unveiled in January 2015 makes use of ICT (Information Communication Technology) for automatic control of the bulldozer’s blade or for semi automatic control of the hydraulic excavator by measuring terrain data and comparing 3D design data with information on the operating equipment’s location. This dramatically improves the efficiency of construction, which results in reducing the fuel consumption of construction (decrease in CO2 emissions). In-house testing results show a decrease in fuel consumption of approximately 30% for the ICT Hydraulic Excavator “PC200i-10” and approximately 25% for the ICT Bulldozer “D61PXi -23” (For details, please refer to Environmental Report 2015 “Special Story”).

The representative models of ICT construction equipment to be used in the SMART CONSTRUCTION initiative unveiled in 2015 as follows.

ICT Hydraulic Excavator “PC128USi-10” *1



This machine is an ICT Hydraulic Excavator series expansion model which follows the Medium-sized ICT Hydraulic Excavator “PC200i-10” introduced in October 2014.

This excavator is like the “US Series” hydraulic excavator with rearward minimum-swing-radius, mounted with the same ICT components as the “PC200i-10,” and will be the main machine to introduce computer-aided construction to a broad range of construction sites such as road construction for small-scale developments, plumbing construction, and small-scale land development construction.

*1 For Japan (Introduction starting from Komatsu Rental and Komatsu Group’s rental companies.)

[Main Specifications]
Item Unit PC128USi-10
Machine Mass kg 13,300
Net Engine Rated Output kW/min-1 69.7/2050

Bulldozer “D65PXi-18”



The D65PXi-18, by incorporating the Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) and the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), significantly reduced the emission of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) to meet the North American EPA Exhaust Emission Tier4 Final Regulations (Tier4 Final), the European Stage IV Exhaust Emission Regulations, and Japan's Emissions from Non-Road Special Motor Vehicles 2014 Standards.

By combining cutting edge ICT and vehicle control technology, this model is equipped with both the automatic blade control for heavy excavation and land preparation work, and the mapping display capabilities to verify the work progress.

[Main Specifications]
Item Unit D65PXi-18 (Specification in North America)
Machine Mass kg 22,600
Net Engine Rated Output kW/min-1 162/1950
Monitor displaying work conditions

Monitor displaying work conditions

■Automatic Blade Control
Automatic Blade Control