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Komatsu's Environmental and Social Activities Enhancing Quality of Life

Biodiversity  Initiatives that Deal with Biodiversity

Komatsu will maintain our commitment to protecting biodiversity in our business activities, recognizing the impact of those activities on the ecosystem.

With the establishment of Komatsu's "Declaration of Biodiversity" and "Biodiversity Guideline" in January 2011, Komatsu business units worldwide began activities designed to preserve biodiversity.
Komatsu promotes initiatives to preserve biodiversity on two levels.

First, the Company continues to promote ongoing efforts to reduce the environmental impact of Komatsu's business activities. Komatsu also considers biodiversity when deciding how land is to be used, such as when building factories.

Second, Komatsu is becoming directly involved in the preservation of biodiversity, and at the same time expanding our "one-site, one-theme activities" to raise employee's awareness of the need to preserve local ecosystems.

Declaration of Biodiversity by Komatsu (Excerpt/Summary)

Komatsu recognizes that its business activities are dependent on and influence benefits from the ecosystem through its biodiversity.

Based on this understanding, Komatsu strives to take actions in accordance with the policies described below, as it shares a sense of responsibility regarding the biodiversity crisis, and strives to conserve diverse resources.

Ⅰ(Recognition by Management)

Komatsu recognizes that conservation and promulgation of biodiversity are important management tasks.


Komatsu shall promote biodiversity through the following two perspectives

1.Komatsu shall reduce its environmental impact, which is affecting biodiversity, through its business activities.

(1)Reduction of environmental impact of products

(2)Reduction of direct environmental impact from products throughout lifecycle.

(3)Consideration of biodiversity when using land.

2.Komatsu shall work for conservation and promulgation of biodiversity through its social contribution activities.


Komatsu shall promote activities by means of a step-by-step approach.

Ⅳ(Cooperation with the community)

In order to protect the biodiversity rooted in regions, Komatsu will undertake activities in coalition with administrative agency, local citizens, NGOs and other entities; by doing so we aim become a corporation communities can be proud of.

Ⅴ(Full participation activities)

Komatsu will promulgate the importance of biodiversity to all employees and undertake activities with their full participation. We will involve corporations related to the lifecycle of Komatsu products and representative agencies as well as customers in these activities and promote our initiatives on a global group-wide scale.


Communication: Komatsu will strive to educate and disclose related information to employees. In addition, Komatsu will actively disclose information on activities being undertaken and work to contribute in heightening the level of societal awareness on the importance of biodiversity.

Initiatives of Each Business Facility

■Practical Test Section of Development Division : Efforts to Make the Most of Surrounding Nature

We conduct distribution studies of rare species on facility grounds, maintain the Land of Fireflies as well as try to attract more fireflies.

We are also working on creating an environment friendly to the habitation of living organisms by exterminating the Goldenrod, a foreign species, from the facility grounds and attempting the recovery of vegetation native to the district.

Land of Fireflies

Land of Fireflies

Goldenrod extermination

Goldenrod extermination

Constructed biotope

Constructed biotope

■KOMATSU CASTEX : Biotope Construction and Rare Species Conservation

We constructed a biotope by refurbishing the pond, which was already a part of the facility grounds, and its surroundings. Efforts are being made to protect rare species by releasing the local district’s rare species of fish into the pond.

At another pond, activities to promote natural revival are continuing with the transplanting of some euryale ferox, categorized as extinct in the wild.

■Oyama Plant : Social Contributions Making Use of Satoyama

At the biotope that was constructed within the Oyama Plant, Biotope Satoyama (Komatsu Manabino Mori), we participated in the Reconstruction Support Activity by cultivating Japanese black pine seedlings to be transplanted to Fukushima prefecture.

Japanese black pine seedling cultivated at Satoyama

Japanese black pine seedling cultivated at Satoyama

Planting Japanese black pine trees in Fukushima

Planting Japanese black pine trees in Fukushima

The Staff of Kanazawa Factory that Received the Award.

The Staff of Kanazawa Factory that Received
the Award.

Kanazawa Plant was awarded the “Great Kanazawa Environmental Activities Award”
by the City of Kanazawa

As a biodiversity project based in the local district, our environment conservation activities,such as the planting of insect-resistant black pine in the neighboring “Awagasaki Yasuragino Hayashi, ” as well as the clearing of the underbrush 3 times a year, the cleaning of local beaches, and energy conservation, were highly evaluated and awarded a certificate of achievement by the City of Kanazawa in November, 2014.