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Komatsu's Environmental and Social Activities Enhancing Quality of Life

Mitigating Climate Change (Initiatives to Mitigate Climate Change in Business Operations)  CO2 Reduction of Suppliers

In order to promote the "CO2 emission reduction" of suppliers, major outsourcing suppliers were targeted for promoting the spread of some of Komatsu's energy-saving activities (activities to reduce power consumption by 50% [= production reform]).

In June 2012, Komatsu kicked off an extended and advanced phase of the activities that had been promoted so far among energy-saving model enterprises as a production reform and conducted education among company executives and facility managers.

Komatsuís efforts include posting and sharing instances of the improvements that have been implemented at individual suppliersí sites to ensure their horizontal development and representatives of regional procurement divisions to visit suppliers in charge directly according to the progress of their CO2 emission reduction work and advise them on the optimal ways suited to their characteristics to proceed with power-saving activity.

At the same time, individual suppliers are given opportunities to present the status and accomplishments of their activities at various industry-specific meetings of Komatsuís association of partner companies (Komatsu Midori-kai) to share information and learn from each other in their bid to activate and boost power saving activities.

Energy-saving activities at the machinery workshop

Energy-saving activities at the machinery workshop