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Mitigating Climate Change (Mitigating Climate Change through Products and Services)  Environmental Load Reducing Technology with the Excimer Laser

GIGAPHOTON, Inc., a major manufacturer of light source for semiconductor lithography equipment, develops, manufactures and sells excimer lasers used as light source for semiconductor lithography equipment.

GIGAPHOTON, Inc. formulated the EcoPhoton™Program”in 2003, a roadmap aiming to reduce various costs of ownership (Cost of Environment, Cost of Consumables, and Cost of Downtime). Since then, based on this program, GIGAPHOTON, Inc. has continued to develop and provide products that are high performance and efficient at reducing environmental load.



The current major models of ArF excimer laser GT60A series are equipped with the Injection Lock System, which is a technology capable of reducing environmental load while efficiently amplifying light.

Also, the latest model “GT64A4” is equipped with “eGRYCOS”-a technology capable of reducing power consumption 15% and "eTGM"-a technology capable of reducing neon gas consumption by 50%-as a standard feature, reducing annual utility cost by 35% in total. (compared with the company’s conventional models)

■Electricity consumption
Power consumption
■Neon gas consumption
Neon gas consumption