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Mitigating Climate Change (Initiatives to Mitigate Climate Change in Business Operations)  Awarded the Excellent Energy Conserving Machinery “The Japan Machinery Companies Association Chairman Award”



The fiber laser cutting machine “KFL series”, marketed by Komatsu Industries Corp. since 2013, was selected to receive the “The Japan Machinery Companies Association Chairman Award” at the 2014 Excellent Energy Conserving Machinery Awards.

This award program is sponsored by the Japan Machinery Companies Association and has been held annually since 1980 for the purpose of promoting the development of energy conserving machinery, as well as popularizing the use of excellent energy conserving machinery by awarding a person, companies and other organizations which are recognized as contributing to promoting the efficient use of energy by developing and putting to practical use such excellent energy-saving machinery.

This is a laser-processing machine that aims to down-size the oscillating machine output while securing the productivity of sheet-metal processing for thin stainless steel sheets. Because the processing speed of sheet metal is proportionate to the energy density of the laser irradiating the material, it is important to guide the oscillating beam to the processing point without letting its quality deteriorate.

By directly connecting the process fiber running from the feed fiber of the oscillator to the processing point, we developed a method to guide a high quality beam to the processing point in this machine. As a result, while securing the same productivity level with 2kW output as the conventional type fiber 4kW, by downsizing the oscillator output, the oscillator’s energy consumption was decreased. Also, by condensing the nitrogen gas in the air for use as incision gas, the running cost at the sheet metal incision point was reduced.

■Production Time Comparison
Production Time Comparison
■Oscillator Electricity Consumption Comparison
Oscillator Electricity Consumption Comparison
■Assisting Gas Cost Comparison
Assisting Gas Cost Comparison