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Komatsu's Environmental and Social Activities Enhancing Quality of Life

Mitigating Climate Change (Mitigating Climate Change through Products and Services)  Introducing to the Market the AC Servo Press H1F200-2



Komatsu Industries Corporation has developed the AC Servo Press H1F200-2 with improved productivity and energy conservation. This machine stores regenerated electricity in a condenser, and supplies electricity when necessary from the condenser. As a result, the consumption of electricity is decreased by approximately 50% compared to previous mechanical presses. In addition, based on this system, the electricity supply peak can be controlled, making it possible to operate it at the same electrical capacity as past mechanical presses, thereby contributing to energy conservation and decrease in contracted electricity for the user.

We will continue to expand the range of products in the environment friendly H1F series.

■AC Servo Press Electricity Consumption
AC Servo Press Electricity Consumption