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Mitigating Climate Change (Mitigating Climate Change through Products and Services)  Market Introduction of Newly Developed Forklifts


“FE25-1” which was introduced to the market in April 2014, is an innovative battery-powered forklift that combines the outdoor capacity (waterproof, dust-proof qualities) and ease of use (rehydration unnecessary as well as rapid recharging capabilities of recharging up to 80% over a one hour lunch break) with the environment-friendliness and economy of a battery-powered forklift.

With the growing interest in “food safety and security”, in places such as fishing ports and wholesale market of fisheries products and fresh produce, the FE25-1 is being chosen by many customers for its low operating cost as well as its ‘clean’ characteristic of not producing any exhaust gas, smells or noise.

FE25-1 operating at a fishing port

FE25-1 operating at a fishing port

Also, in airport terminal warehouses, wood processing industry, wood products manufacture and sales companies, ceramic manufacturers, and cast and wrought iron industries—all of which are outdoor works affected by weather, fugitive dust(sand, etc.), and fine particles that make them unsuitable for battery-powered forklifts—the FE25-1 has been highly rated for proving its outdoor capabilities and low operating cost demonstrated in actual work situations. The cumulative total of domestic orders has already exceeded 700 forklifts.

FH series



Since going on the market in July 2012, the new model engine-type forklifts “FH35-1, FH40-1, FH45-1, FH50-1” have been highly rated for qualities of unequaled fuel efficiency and safety using electronically controlled Hydro-Static Transmission (HST hydraulics powered transmission), a unique technology developed by Komatsu’s experience with construction equipment. Including overseas orders, the cumulative total of orders received for these forklifts has exceeded 900.

In February 2015, “FH60-1, FH70-1, FH80-1” were added to the lineup of forklifts.

By demonstrating even more fuel efficiency under conditions of frequent usage and heavy loads, the FH model series contributes to cutting operation costs and safety on the work site.