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Komatsu's Environmental and Social Activities Enhancing Quality of Life

Pursuing Environmental Management  Acquiring ISO14001

ISO14001 Integrated Certification

ISO14001 Integrated Certification

Komatsu has implemented a Group-wide initiative to acquire ISO14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management systems. The objective is to enhance management quality by strengthening systematic steps towards environmental conservation.

Since 1997, several manufacturing facilities both inside Japan and abroad received certification. In FY2005, the four plants belonging to Komatsu Ltd. (the parent company), the Awazu, Osaka, Mooka, and Oyama Plants, acquired integrated certification. As the second step, in FY2007 Komatsu added its major affiliates in Japan and yet-to-be-certified non-manufacturing facilities – notably the Head Office – to the above four plants, with integrated certification attained by the Group in Japan in May 2008.

Upon completing the March 2012 recertification, the KOMATSU Way Global Institute and Komatsu NTC Ltd. were included in the integrated certification. The Group conducted the recertification qualification again in March 2015, and will continue to work on improving the quality of management in Japan.

Komatsu aims for 100% of overseas production facilities to acquire certification by FY2015, and in FY2013 "Komatsu (Shandong) Construction Machinery Corp.", "Komatsu Manufacturing Rus. LLC", and "Hensley Lingfeng Co., Ltd (China)" acquired certification, and in FY2014 “Cabtec (Thailand)” acquired certification as well.