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Mitigating Climate Change (Mitigating Climate Change through Products and Services)  Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator Lineup Expansion

Medium-Sized Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator "HB205-2"



The HB205-2 greatly reduces the emissions of NOx (nitrogen oxide) and PM (particulate matter), newly equipped with a next generation engine that meets the emission regulations of Japan (Emissions from Non-Road Special Motor Vehicles, 2011 Standards), North America (EPA Tier4 Interim), and the EU (EU Stage 3B). Additionally, loss was reduced for the body's main valve and hydraulic circuit, a large capacity and high efficiency hydraulic pump as well as high efficiency hydraulic oil was adopted, along with other measures to reduce fuel consumption by 5% compared to our previous hybrid models (compared to previous standard models, this is a 20% reduction [for PC200-10 Tier4 Interim] and a 30% reduction [for PC200-8N1 Tier3]).

Item Units HB205-2
Machine Mass kg 19900
Rated Horsepower Net
(JIS D0006-1)

Medium-Sized Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator "HB335-1" *1



The HB335 series emerged as the long-awaited 30-ton class based on the hybrid technology developed through HB205. Fuel consumption is reduced by 20% compared to our conventional engine models.
The HB335/335LC-1 is best suited for construction site by maintaining the work performance of previous models while being equipped with hybrid technology. The work equipment as well as various parts of the body were enhanced and fortified, making the HB365/365LC-1 ideal for crushed stone sites and gravel extraction work along with a wide selection of lineup.

*1 For overseas markets such as Australia

Item Units HB335LC-1(For Australia)
Machine Mass kg 33480
Rated Horsepower Net kW/min-1 189/1950