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Komatsu's Environmental and Social Activities Enhancing Quality of Life

Pursuing Environmental Management  Supporting Supplier’s Environmental Management System

Promotion of Komatsu Midori-kai's

Environmental Management System Certification

In order to strengthen the "environmental management" of suppliers, Komatsu Midori-kai companies that account for 76% of funds raised are requested to obtain certification for their environmental management system.

In FY2013, 163 companies (all companies requested to obtain environmental management system certification) had been certified for "ISO14001", "ECOSTAGE", etc., promoting environmental management activities.

Strengthening Environmental Management Systems in China

First Global Environment Committee Meeting in the China Region (March 2014)

The first Global Environment
Committee Meeting in the China
Region(March 2014)

In order to strengthen environmental management in China, from FY2013, environment committees were established in each production plant in China to facilitate the management of waste water, exhaust, noise, etc.

Additionally, a Global Environment Committee similar to Japan was established in China from March 2014, to promote environmental activities (CO2 reduction, power reduction, improve the recycling rate of waste, green coverage improvement, logistics improvement, etc.) in each of the production plants in China.