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Komatsu's Environmental and Social Activities Enhancing Quality of Life

Pursuing Environmental Management  Promoting Environmental Activities at Group Sales and Rental Agencies

Komatsu supports the environmental activities of forklift sales agencies as well as construction machinery and rental companies through education and guidance.

The "Environmental Guidelines for Sales Agencies" comprises of guidelines and standards pertaining to environmental issues that are of direct relevance to operations at sales agencies and rental companies (waste treatment, waste-oil treatment, oil-and-grease management, and treatment of wastewater from vehicle washing).

Komatsu works jointly with their counterparts at various companies by visiting the sites of various sales agencies and rental companies to ensure compliance with the "Environmental Guidelines for Sales Agencies" as well as inspecting sites, realities, and actual products to implement support activities such as supervising the sites and proposing remedial actions that are tailored to each location (implemented at a total of 78 locations in FY2013).

Also, in FY2013, an environmental education program was implemented for the management at sales and service locations of Komatsu Fork Lift Japan Ltd., and its domestic forklift sales companies (10 locations and 336 participants).

As a result, environmental awareness is higher at sales agencies and rental companies, leading to various improvement activities.

Management Training at a Forklift Sales Company

Management Training at a Forklift Sales Company