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Pursuing Environmental Management  Environmental Inspection

Environmental Inspection of North American affiliated company

In accordance with the "Earth Environment Charter", environmental protection guidelines are being established for the purpose of improving the environmental protection level and reducing the environmental risks in developing countries.

In 2013, although not a developing country, the North American affiliated company (Hensley) was visited for an inspection of environmental facilities and to exchange views on environmental preservation.

Since it was a foundry, there was the unique smell of casting but there were no complaints regarding odor or noise in the past five years. In addition, measures to prevent the leakage of black waste water were implemented as well as the recycling of waste casting sand, electrodes, and wood waste; no large environmental risks were discovered.

Environmental inspections of overseas affiliated companies will continue to be carried out and the environmental efforts of the entire Komatsu Group will continue to be improved.

Environmental Inspection in Hensley

Environmental Inspection in Hensley

■Past Environment Inspections
2007 China
2008 -
2009 Thailand and Indonesia
2010 India
2011 Brazil
2012 Russia and Czech Republic