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Komatsu's Environmental and Social Activities Enhancing Quality of Life

Pursuing Environmental Management  Promoting Environmental Activities at Group Sales and Rental Agencies

Komatsuís support for environmental activities extends to forklift sales agencies, as well as construction machinery and rental companies, through education and guidance on ways to enhance environmental management.

The Environmental Guidelines for Sales Agencies comprise guidelines and standards pertaining to environmental issues that are of direct relevance to operations at sales agencies and rental companies. These include waste treatment, waste-oil treatment, oil-and-grease management, and treatment of wastewater from vehicle washing.

Komatsu assists sales agencies and rental companies in meeting the provisions of the Environmental Guidelines. The company also assists in reviewing the environmental aspects of operations, conditions, and equipment at the relevant business sites of the agencies and companies, gives on-site guidance, and proposes remedial actions that are tailored to each site. This is done through joint visits to the sites by persons in charge of environmental management at Komatsu and at the sales agencies and rental companies.
(In FY2012, 106 sites received this assistance.)

As a result, awareness of the environment has risen at agencies and companies, and various improvements are underway.

In addition, Komatsu Construction Equipment Sales and Service Japan Ltd. plans to implement a waste management system for law-abiding management of waste and is promoting the efficient management of waste in conjunction with introducing an electronic manifesto. To this effect, group sales and rental companies sustain a heightened awareness concerning the environment and continue to undertake improvement activities.