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Komatsu's Environmental and Social Activities Enhancing Quality of Life

Pursuing Environmental Management  Komatsu's International Initiatives through the Environment

WBCSD Activities

Komatsu supports and participates in the activities of the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development). The WBCSD was established in 1995 with CEO level participants from over 200 companies worldwide (as of March 2012) with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The guiding principle of WBCSD activities is to evaluate what businesses can do to realize a society with low environmental impact developing ideas to achieve sustainability, and evaluating and implementing solutions from the business world.

In fiscal year 2012, Komatsu participated in the Liaison Delegates Meeting held in the spring in Montreux, Switzerland and the Council Meeting held in the autumn in Seoul, South Korea.

Komatsu is participating in environmental entrepreneurship on a global scale and thinking even further ahead as a Japanese construction machinery manufacturer to evaluate what we can do to realize a sustainable society.

WBCSD Ecosystem

Komatsu participates in WBCSD activities. WBCSD is the voice of global businesses with the power to disseminate information to people of the world; Komatsu's activities for biodiversity conservation at the Oita testing site were introduced in a WBCSD report.

(WBCSD Report pages 24-25)
Biodiversity and ecosystem services scaling up business solutions
(WBCSD Report page 24)
Picking up the Pace - Accelerating public policies for positive outcomes


Rio+20 held in Rio de Janeiro

Rio+20 held in Rio de Janeiro

Komatsu contributed to the Japan pavilion set up by the Japanese government to accompany United Nations' environmental conference Rio+20 (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This conference was held to commemorate 20 years since the Earth Summit, which was also held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Heads of state, ministers and people from the general public visited the Japan pavilion where Komatsu's "CSR & Environmental Report 2011" was distributed. It was a good opportunity for Komatsu to publicize its environmental initiatives to the world.


Komatsu participated in UNFCCC's (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) 18th session of the Conference of the Parties. At the conference which took place in Doha, Qatar, Komatsu participated as a member of Japanese industry. Komatsu will continue to confront climate change issues and have initiative.