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Komatsu's Environmental and Social Activities Enhancing Quality of Life

Promoting Recycling  Effective Utilization of Resources in Manufacturing Operations (Water Resources)

In FY2011, Komatsu set a new medium-term target of achieving a 25% or greater reduction in the amount of water used per unit of manufacturing by FY2015, compared to the FY2005 level. The water-conservation campaign concentrates on manufacturing facilities with extensive groundwater usage located in the Hokuriku District. The Company has achieved reductions in the amount of water used per unit of manufacturing by 39.8% compared to the FY2005 level, through the reuse of water during processing and the elimination of wasteful day-to-day practices.

In particular, the Awazu Plant significantly reduced its groundwater consumption through measures such as adjusting the pump discharge, reevaluating the temperature of cooling water used for heat treatment, and the installation of water-circulation equipment. As a result, the Awazu Plant was able to reduce water usage by more than 70% per unit of manufacturing value.
Komatsu will continue efforts to save water resources to achieve its medium-term goals.

Amount of Water Resources Used