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Komatsu's Environmental and Social Activities Enhancing Quality of Life

Pursuing Environmental Management  Environmental Inspection

Environmental Inspection of East Europe Branches

Based on Komatsuís "Earth Environment Basic Policy", environmental protection guidelines are established for the purpose of improving the level of environmental protection and reducing environmental risks in developing countries.

International subsidiaries in China (2007), Thailand (2009), Indonesia (2009), India (2010), Brazil (2011), Russia (KMR, 2012), and the Czech Republic (Stavmek s.r.o., 2012) were visited. Environmental facilities were inspected and opinions exchanged on environmental protection. In addition, the sites of contracted industrial waste disposers were inspected.

Both companies (KMR and Stavmek) complied with local laws and carried out periodic atmospheric and water quality monitoring as well as separation of industrial waste. Stavmek was active in energy conservation measures such as switching to higher efficiency lighting to LEDs, renewal of transformers and boilers, and utilization of compressor exhaust heat.

We will continue to inspect international subsidiaries to improve the environmental efforts of Komatsu group.

Environmental Inspections at KMR

Environmental Inspections at KMR

Environmental Inspections of the Chinese Subsidiary

From FY2010, audits of the compliance risk of international subsidiaries were carried out. In FY2012, a follow up audit to the previous year was carried out in China (KCCM and KSD). Although there were some tasks remaining from the areas designated for improvement by the last audit, these matters were resolved in the improvement plan submitted and confirmed at a later date.

Also at KCCM, full participation environmental activities were implemented such as environmental speeches by plant managers at morning meetings and beautification days.

We will continue to follow up with audits and also carry out environmental audits at other regional subsidiaries.

KSD Follow Up Inspection

KSD Follow Up Inspection