What Komatsu Can Do and What It Must Do for the Global Environment

Komatsu and the Global Environment

The Komatsu Group is promoting activities that will reduce environmental impact. As its primary initiatives, in addition to introducing an environmental management system based on ISO14001, Komatsu supplies products with environment-friendly designs and has been boosting its environmental performance.

In 2003, Komatsu reviewed its progress to date and established the Komatsu Earth Environment Charter, which delineated as its basic principles (1) Contributions to realization of a sustainable society; (2) Simultaneous realization of environmental and economic performance; and (3) Observance of corporate social responsibility. Expanding the scope of its activities to all its areas of business, Komatsu is undertaking these initiatives throughout the entire Komatsu Group, with subsidiaries operating at the global level responsible for implementation.

The Komatsu Group's Business Activities' Relationship with the Environment and with Society

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