Concern for the Environment in All Aspects of Corporate Activities

Environmental Risk Management

Komatsu Group companies are responsible for positively implementing periodic reporting of results of environmental measurement and keeping of measurement data in strict compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of the national and local authorities. In FY2006, the Komatsu Group experienced no environmental infractions or accidents in Japan.

VOCs found in paints account for over 90% of the volume of chemical substances released by Komatsu. Significant reductions in VOC releases have already been achieved by changing the system for painting from a base coat/top coat dual-coat method to a system using single-coat paints that deliver the same performance through only one application.

However, as mentioned earlier, VOC releases continue to rise due to the significant increase in manufacturing volume. For that reason,Komatsu reformulated the target and created a revised plan based on concrete strategies coordinated with its action plan. The revised target is now to achieve reductions in VOC releases per unit of manufacturing value of over 20% and 50% by FY2008 and FY2010, respectively, compared with the FY2005 level. In the future the company will be thoroughly implementing revisions such as (1) conversion to high-solid type paints (to reduce the amount of VOCs contained therein), (2) increases in coating efficiency, (3) conversion to water-based paints, and (4) conversion to powder coatings.

*VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds (primarily paint solvents)

Volume of VOCs Released by Komatsu and the Komatsu Group's Manufacturing Facilities in Japan

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