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Komatsu's Environmental and Social Activities Data

Environmental Education

The basic framework for education in the Komatsu group divides functions in a way where education of common knowledge is supervised by the Head Office and specific education, unique or distinct to occupation, is administered by respective divisions.

In FY2015 we had a specialized training course for the standards amendment of ISO14001(2015 Revision). Approximately 280 people, mainly personnel working on environmental issues, participated.

In addition, the environmental education for new executives which has been provided since FY2014, is now being conducted through an e-Learning program.

The acquisition of environment-related certificates by relevant personnel on a scheduled basis is also being promoted.

Courses in Environmental Education and Training in Japan

(excluding general environmental courses)

Komatsu and Komatsu Group manufacturing facilities in Japan
(including the Research Division, Field Testing Department)
Organizer No. Course name Target Participants
FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015
Head Office 1 Advanced environmental education
(held every two years)
Environmental specialists
(Komatsu and affiliates)
- 19 - 21
2 Overview of the ISO14000 series Managers
(Komatsu, affiliates, and business associates)
72 80 53 -
3 ISO14001 Standards Amendment (2015 Revision) Stakeholders regarding ISO14001 amandment - - - 281
4 Training of internal auditors / Refresher courses Environmental auditors
(Komatsu, affiliates, and business associates)
380 177 35 -
5 Development and manufacturing (introductory) Development and manufacturing staff
(for second-year employees)
248 300 341 334
6 Environmental training for manufacturing engineers Assistant foremen/ foremen/ manufacturing engineers/ students of Komatsu Institute of Technology 160 152 242 252
7 Training new employees New Employees
(Komatsu and affiliates)
354 391 261 333
8 Lectures on the environment, experience-oriented education Komatsu Group employees 1,316 1,408 1,527 2,729
9 Education to refresh environmental understanding,
Komatsu Group managers and employees 153 193 154 181
10 Newly appointed manager training Komatsu Group newly appointed managers - - 155 168
Divisions overseeing environmental management at plants 1 Education in the basics of auditing Managers and employees 221 257 100 185
2 Overview of the ISO14000 series Managers and employees 183 645 1,464
3 Training of internal auditors Environmental auditors 38 16 38 28
4 Training new employees New Employees 940 1,107
700 1,618
5 Regulatory education and personnel exchange Employees (and other participants) 1,066 3,274 1,245 467
6 Specialist training Environmental conservation practitioners (persons involved in regulatory affairs, etc.) 2,561 616 355 428
In addition to the education and training courses listed above, Komatsu also held courses dealing with environmental issues intended for sales agents.

Number of Persons Having Environment-related Certificate

Komatsu and Komatsu Group manufacturing facilities in Japan
(including the Research Division, Field Testing Department)
Certificate name Number of persons with certificate*
FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015
Pollution control administrators 230(33) 241(33) 249(33) 247(31)
Energy administrators 45(10) 45(10) 50(10) 41(9)
Environmental management system auditors 4 5 4 4
Figures in parentheses indicate the number of officers required.