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Komatsu's Environmental and Social Activities Data

Scope of Environmental Data, etc

Komatsu Group Manufacturing Facilities in Japan

Komatsu (parent company) manufacturing facilities, specifically the following eight plants
The Awazu Plant [including the Komatsu NTC Ltd (KM Division).], the Kanazawa Plant [including the Kanazawa-Daiichi Plant and the Kanazawa-Daini Plant], the Osaka Plant [including the Rokko Plant], the Ibaraki Plant, the Oyama Plant [including Komatsu Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., Industrial Power Alliance Ltd. and GIGAPHOTON, Inc.], the Koriyama Plant, the Shonan Plant [including KELK Ltd.], and the Tochigi Plant.

Komatsu Group manufacturing facilities in Japan, specifically the above eight plants and the following four business units
Komatsu Castex Ltd., Komatsu Cabtec Co., Ltd., Komatsu NTC Ltd. and Komatsu House Ltd.

Komatsu Group Manufacturing Facilities Outside Japan

Komatsu Group manufacturing facilities outside Japan, specifically the 20 business units appearing on the world map below.


Komatsu Group manufacturing facilities including outside Japan:All of the 32 above-mentioned offices are shown.


  • "Environmental Report Guidelines 2012" (Ministry of the Environment of Japan)
  • Basic Guidelines on Accounting for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Throughout the Supply Chain Ver 2.2
    (Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of the Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan)
  • Database on Emissions Intensities for Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions, etc. through a Supply Chain Ver. 2.2 (Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of the Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan)

GRI* G4 Readiness

Komatsuís Environmental Report contains information about the standard disclosure items based on the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Version 4.0.

*:Global Reporting Initiative

Period Covered

This report principally covers data for the period from April 2014 to the end of March 2015, with some information from after April 2015.