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Komatsu's Environmental and Social Activities Data

Site Data (Japan)  Komatsu Forklift Japan Ltd.


Year of Establishment January 1973
Location Shinagawa, Tokyo metropolitan (Head office)
Main Products Sales and service for forklift
Number of business sites 137
Number of employees 1,697
Date of ISO14001 certification acquisition -
* The number of business sites and employees as of the end of March 2014.

Major Performance

Environmental impact Energy consumption
Item Actual value Item Actual consumption Converted to calorie equivalents (GJ)
Total CO2 emissions 2,691 t-CO2 Electricity 5,322 MWh 53,063
Total emissions of waste 4,821 t Heavy oil A 0 kl 0
Amount recycled 4,396 t Kerosene 186 kl 6,812
Recycling rate 91.2 % Light oil 5 kl 185
  LPG 53 t 2,692
Town gas   244
Total   62,996
* Total emissions of waste are expressed as a composite of the amount recycled (including valuables) and the amount disposed.
Recycling rate is calculated by dividing the amount recycled (including valuables) by the amount generated (including valuables).

* The heat energy conversion factor is calculated in keeping with Greenhouse Gas Emission Calculation - Reporting Manual, which is based on the act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures.