CSR Report 2016

Ⅰ. Our Approach to CSR

  • Message from
 Top Management
  • CSR Theme
 and Activities
  • Incorporating CSR into Management
  • Comparison with Global Principles
  • GRI G4 Index
  • Dialogue with
 Our Stakeholders
  • Organization
 to Promote CSR
  • Major Achievements and Mid-term Plans
  • External Evaluations
 and Activities to Date
  • Corporate Profile

Ⅱ. Contributing to Society through Core Business (Three CSR Themes)

CSR Theme 1 Enhancing Quality of Life
-Providing Products Required by Society -

Key Business Activities

  • ・Providing products and services that contribute to infrastructure development and improve quality of life
  • ・Improving productivity, safety and efficiency, and enhancing energy conservation through innovation
  • ・Improving environmental efficiency at operation sites and facilities, such as plants
  • ・Reducing our impact on the environment throughout the product life cycle
  • ・Enhancing safety for society, customers, employees and business partners
Based on innovations, SMARTCONSTRUCTION improves the safety and productivity of the customers construction sites and makes the safe and smart “Work Site of the Future” a reality.
Starting with providing safe products, and including the ultimate safety of automatic operational systems, we are supporting the improvement of safety at the customers work sites through innovations.
We view all divisions, including development, production, sales, service and management, from the perspective of the job site and continuously implement change and improvement in our pursuit of maximum satisfaction for our customers.
We consider environmental activities as a top management priority and steadfastly promote environmental preservation activities under the Komatsu Earth Environment Charter.
Occupational health and safety is a vital focus in Komatsu's business operations. Along with communicating this in the message from the president, the management and employees collaborate by taking action in accordance with the “Occupational Safety and Health Policies.”

CSR Theme 2 Developing People

Key Business Activities

  • ・Enhancing our employees and suppliers through the KOMATSU Way
  • ・Enhancing our employees and distributors through brand management
  • ・Respecting employees, diversity
The Right Working Conditions for Everyone Under our Global Personnel Policy, we seek to foster a safe and comfortable working environment while maximizing opportunities for employees.
The KOMATSU Way and Human Resource Development We promote education for sharing the KOMATSU Way as a statement of values that Komatsu employees around the world should pass on to the generations to come.
We support career development through the focused implementation of required education for the company and employees.
Brand Management Initiatives Brand management activities are designed to thoroughly ascertain what customers want so we become indispensable to them. Through these activities, we seek to raise awareness, strengthen our corporate structure and develop human resources.

CSR Theme 3 Growing with Society

Key Business Activities

  • ・Engaging in dialogues with our stakeholders
  • ・Strengthening our corporate governance and compliance
  • ・Promoting compliance with environmental, labor, human rights and social norms within the Group and among business partners
We strive to build and maintain long-term relationships of trust by creating opportunities to accurately disclose information in an appropriate, timely and fair manner.
We place top priority on compliance by ensuring that all employees fully understand and comply with business rules while promoting structural improvements.
We engage in a Group-wide risk-management effort by adhering to our basic policy for ensuring business continuity and stable development.
To ensure appropriate corporate governance on a consolidated basis, we strive to establish and maintain an internal control structure that complies with related laws and regulations.
Together with Business Partners We have firmly established our CSR Procurement Guidelines and actively support the CSR initiatives of business partners.

Ⅲ. Social Contribution Activities

In addition to CSR activities through core business, Komatsu proactively carries out social contribution activities. Paying close attention to issues faced by local communities and due consideration to how Komatsu's strengths can be utilized to resolve them, the company takes and unique actions that are recognizable as its own.

Komatsu eyes the social issues of the localities in which it operates and works to help resolve them.
Collaborate with local communities and customers to develop human resources required in each region.
Provide prompt support in response to disaster situations by using Komatsu's technical expertise and knowledge as a construction equipment company.
Clear anti-personnel landmines and implement a community development project in partnership with the Japan Mine Action Service (JMAS).
Continuously develop the activities of the Women's Judo Team.

Editorial Policy

These reports principally cover data for the period from April 2015 to the end of March 2016, with some non-periodic information on continuing efforts.

The date of the previous report is July 2015. We publish these reports every July, and the next issue will be published in July 2017.

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Komatsu has received an independent practitioner's review on important quantitative data in environmental reporting, which can be viewed here.

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