Activities to Contribute to Society as a Corporate Citizen

Basic Stance on Social Contributions

Komatsu believes that it is essential for it not only to conduct business but also to act in harmony with society as a responsible corporate citizen. For that reason, as one part of its social responsibility, the Group as a whole is actively taking on social contribution efforts on a continuing basis in keeping with its basic stance on social contributions (the purpose and five basic principles concerning social contributions).


The Komatsu Group and its employees, as local community members, will contribute to society.

Basic Principles: Contributions shall be:

  • Consistent
  • In the public interest
  • Voluntary
  • Acceptable by employees
  • Not aimed at advertisement.

To promote the recovery of tropical forests in the Republic of Indonesia, Komatsu has developed a technique that utilizes saplings to enable the stable production of dipterocarp trees through a grafting method. Currently, Komatsu is transferring this propagation technique to over 20 local forestry-related organizations, making possible its practical application.

Komatsu's main activities for social contributions are in the following three areas.

  • Promotion of Culture and Education and Development of the Local Community
  • Promotion of Sports
  • Recovery from Disasters and Humanitarian Assistance

For further information, please refer to the following PDF file.