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Communication with Stakeholders

Communication with Shareholders

Along with striving for high managerial transparency, Komatsu discloses information in a proper and timely manner through constructive approaches to investor relations around the world, while at the same time conducting interactive dialogue.

1. Activities for Corporate Investors and Securities Analysts

On the same day that quarterly business results are announced, the company holds explanatory sessions for corporate investors and securities analysts and also releases this information on its website. Corporate representatives visit institutional investors outside Japan, primarily in the U.S. and Europe, to explain recent business performance and other critical information.

2. Informational Meeting for Individual Shareholders

To furnish an opportunity to communicate with individual shareholders, Komatsu convenes shareholders' meetings in major cities in Japan twice a year, with top management explaining the company's performance and management strategy. In 2015, we held meetings in Nara City and Fukuoka City in December and the president CEO explained the business environment and corporate performance. Many questions were raised during the Q&A session, which covered a wide range of topics, including Komatsu's management policy, overseas business development, and governance.
Since these meetings were launched in 1997, they have been convened 41 times, with about 12,000 shareholders participating to date.

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    Shareholders’ meeting held in Nara City in December 2015
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    Shareholders’ meeting held in Fukuoka City in December 2015

3. Plant Tours for Individual Shareholders

Komatsu has been holding plant tours for individual shareholders to further deepen their understanding of the company. Tours were held at the Awazu Plant (Ishikawa) in October 2015, then at the Osaka Plant (Osaka) and Oyama and Tochigi Plant (Tochigi) in March 2016 for a total of seven days.

Plant tour for shareholders at the
Awazu Plant in October 2015
Plant tour for shareholders at the
Osaka Plant in March 2016
Plant tour for shareholders at the
Oyama and Tochigi Plant in March 2016

4. Techno Center Tours for Individual Shareholders

Komatsu offered Techno Center tours (Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture) in August 2015 for two days for shareholders and their children or grandchildren. We demonstrated equipment such as dump trucks, hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders, and also provided tours during which visitors could observe machinery in operation so they could become more familiar with our products. Our employees also taught crafts and science classes, and had stamp rallies.

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Visitors watching a demonstration of construction equipment and participating in a science class
during the Techno Center Tours in August 2015.

5. Meetings for Individual Investors

Komatsu holds meetings for individual investors to explain about our business and management strategies and to cultivate a deeper understanding of our company. In FY2015, these meetings were held in 11 cities in Japan.


Meetings for individual investors

Events for Shareholders in FY2015 (in Japan)

 LocationApproximate Number of Participants
Shareholders' MeetingNara, Fukuoka 800
Plant Tours for ShareholdersAwazu Plant, Osaka Plant, Oyama and Tochigi Plant 350
Techno Center ToursKomatsu Techno Center (Shizuoka)130
Meetings for Individual Investors11 cities in Japan 1,000

Communication with Employees

At Komatsu, the president convenes a “Meeting with the President” periodically at each business site in Japan. At these meetings, the president directly explains the business environment and related issues, and also takes part in a Q&A session held for employees and the top management. The content of these meetings, held at the head office in Tokyo, is simultaneously transmitted by TV broadcast to other business units in Japan and later published on the company intranet in English to share the information with Group employees around the world. Also, at overseas subsidiaries, we are being proactive about holding employee meetings to provide a place for communication to take place with the local Group employees.
In addition, we launched an intranet bulletin board, entitled “Virtual Office of President,” in January 2014 to share with employees around the world the questions and answers exchanged during the Meeting with the President. The site is updated each week with new questions, and as of March 31, 2016 a total of 107 questions on specific topics, along with the president's answers, explanations and messages to employees, have been published in Japanese and English.

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    Employee meeting held at the main office the day after financial statements were announced in April 2016
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    “Virtual Office of President” on the intranet

Communicating with the Local Community (Efforts in Japan)

We regularly open our plants to the public and hold various events during “Plant Fairs” to cultivate an understanding of our business among local residents. The events were held at five plants in FY2015 and were attended by about 43,700 people.

DatePlantNumber of Visitors (approx.)
May 24Ibaraki Plant 7,000
August 2Awazu Plant 15,000
September 26Koriyama Plant 7,000
October 25Shonan Plant 6,700
November 8Osaka Plant 8,000
Ibaraki Plant
Awazu Plant
Koriyama Plant (Judo class)
Shonan Plant
Osaka Plant