Developing People

Strengthening Our Gemba Capability

Enhancing the Technical Capability of Our Manufacturing Workplace

Systems and Status in FY2015

Globalization of Komatsu's production organization is progressing and the manufacturing workplace requires a high level of technical capability. We have designated the third Saturday of every October as “Technical Day” and hold all-Komatsu technical competitions on this day. Participants include employees from overseas subsidiaries and business associates, whose aim is to maintain and improve the Komatsu Group's technical capabilities by mutually dedicating themselves to their studies.
In addition, Komatsu established the Meister system for passing down technical capabilities from the production site in FY2006. Techniques and skills that merit handing down are divided into 9 fields of 15 capabilities, and a First Meister is certified for each capability.
Under Komatsu's Mother Plant System, production plants with product development capability are positioned as Mother plants, which are responsible for overseeing the safety, quality, cost and delivery of overseas Child plants that produce the same products. Meisters are certified for their high level of proficiency in specific technical areas and dedicate their time to guiding and nurturing engineers at plants in Japan as well as at overseas Child plants.
Komatsu is also enthusiastically conducting improvement activities. Every year on the third Saturday of November, we hold the all-Komatsu quality control competitions, and similar to the technical competitions, many people from overseas subsidiaries and business partners in the supply chain participate.


Newly Established Technical Training Center in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture

In September 2015, a new building for a technical training center was built on the grounds of the Oyama Plant, one of the main domestic plants, strengthening and completing the educational function. In this training center, in addition to consolidating each training area including assembly, painting, machine processing, facility maintenance, parts inspection, and thermal treatment, a welding area was added, providing training areas for the 7 technical fields to strengthen its functionality. As a result, aside from operation inspection, comprehensive training in all technical areas has become possible, forming the framework to promote further skill upgrading.

Global Management Seminar, October 2014
The newly completed technical training center


Status of Human Resource Development at the Manufacturing Gemba

FY2013 FY2014 FY2015
All-Komatsu Technology Olympics Number of participants 203 211 195
From overseas 49
(11 countries)
(10 countries)
(11 countries)
All-Komatsu QC Competition Number of teams 76 78 87
From overseas 21
(11 countries)
(13 countries)
(12 countries)

Status of Dispatching Technicians from Japan to Overseas Plants and Distributors

FY2015 Main Countries of Dispatch U.S.A., Yemen, Italy, India, Indonesia, Egypt, Australia, Oman, Qatar, Korea, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Chile, Germany, Turkey, Norway, Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia, Jordan

Services Personnel Human Resource Development

Building a Structure Centered on the Department for Promotion of Distributor HR Development

The services personnel, who support our customers with the operation of our products that they have purchased, play a very important role in Komatsu's “Quality and Reliability.” Komatsu puts a lot of effort into the human resource development of our distributor services personnel all over the world. We have two training programs for services personnel human resource development: internal human resource development for services support and distributor human resource development.
We have created an internal training program called “Techno Service School” for training our Japanese staff, and the Komatsu Human Resource Development Center for training essential personnel who will be working at future mining sites, and conduct planned training within departments and at overseas sites by rotation.
Distributor human resource development, depending on the content, will be created or supported by the head office, and for the basic courses on products and services, Komatsu provides the curriculum and training materials and conducts the training on site (at the local company and distributors). We also provide advanced courses by inviting senior managers and mechanics to Japan to conduct the training, and technical training provided by the local company's training center (mother training center) for more specialized training. Having set up this educational environment, we will conduct tests to assess knowledge levels in order to gage the competitive capabilities of the distributor and develop a practical training program that is combined with sales promotion activities.


Newly Established Training Center for Domestic Distributors in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture

In October 2015, a model training center for domestic distributors was newly established in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Due to Japan’s market situation of the last few years, which has included an increase in the number of vehicles distributed due to an upswing in demand, compliance with emissions regulations, and growing complexity of machine composition due to ICT technology being mounted, proper training of distributors’ service personnel has become imperative. The model training center recreates the environment of a maintenance plant as a model for the distributors by envisaging various service work so that we can provide practical training on everything from safety training, such as predicting dangers, to learning accurate and efficient maintenance/repair technology.

Model Training Center for Domestic Distributors
Model Training Center for Domestic Distributors