Our Approach to CSR

Major Achievements and Mid-term Plans

Komatsu's CSR themes, concrete initiatives of key business activities, and mid-range issues and targets are as follows.

1. Contributing to Society through Core Business
Enhancing Quality of Life—Providing Products Required by Society
Key Activities Major Achievements for FY2015 Reference Mid-range Issues and Targets 
  • ● Providing products and services that contribute to infrastructure development and improve quality of life
  • ● Improving productivity, safety and efficiency, and enhancing energy conservation through innovation
  • ・Introduction of cloud-based service and stereo camera into SMARTCONSTRUCTION business (September)
  • ・Fostering the growth of SMARTCONSTRUCTION as a core business
  • ・Introduction of construction equipment that responds to comprehensive applications of ICT "i-Construction" advocated by Japan's MLIT (April, 2016)
  • ・Sales expansion of ICT intensive machines in Japan, the US and Europe
  • ・Achieved cumulative factory shipment of 100 AHS (Autonomous Haulage Systems) trucks.
  • ・Expansion of AHS business and enhancement of its solution business
  • ・Embarking on production reforms by implementing "connectivity" with IoT (June)
  • ・Cost reduction of JPY 50 bn for 3 years (FY2015-2017)
  • ・Development of EUV light source for next-generation lithography
  • ・Reinforcement of global presence in quarry and cement production sectors
  • ● Improving environmental efficiency at operation sites and plants
  • ● Reducing environmental impact throughout the product life cycle
  • ・Expand the line-up of hybrid excavators (January, 2016)
  • ・Development and Launch of Tier4 Final (exhaust emissions regulation) Models (year-round)

  • ・Expand the line-up of hybrid excavators and global sales expansion
  • ・25% of CO2 reduction per work volume (New models to be sold in 2025 as compared to 2007)
  • ・Expand the line-up of  next-generation electric forklifts (September)
  • ・Expand the line-up of products and global sales expansion
  • ・Reduction of CO2 emissions in manufacturing in;
    Japan -43% (compared to FY2000)
    Overseas -18% (compared to FY2010)
  • ・Japan -57% (in FY2020 compared to FY2000)
  • ・Overseas -32% (in FY2020 compared to FY2010)
  • ・Reduction of electric power consumption volume: -50% (non-consolidated base, compared to FY2010)
  • ・Reduction of water consumption in Japan: -63% (compared to FY2005)
  • ・Japan -40% (in FY2020 compared to FY2010)
  • ・Overseas -10% (in FY2020 compared to FY2010)
  • ・Implemented halving electricity usage project to suppliers (97 companies)
  • ・Offered energy saving training to suppliers (5 times, 182 companies)
  • ・Follow-up action to suppliers that couldn't achieve target
  • ● Enhancing safety for society, customers, employees and business partners
  • ・Implemented special safety activities after serious accidents
  • ・Implemented the "Never Serious Accidents Again" activities
  • ・Promoting the Five-Year Health Development Plan in Japan (Lifestyle diseases, cancer, Tabaco and mental health)
  • ・Continuation of the Five-Year Health Development Plan
  • ・Safety patrol in suppliers' sites (97 companies)
  • ・Continuation of safety patrol in suppliers' sites
Developing People
Key Activities Major Achievements for FY2015 Reference Mid-range Issues and Targets 
  • ● Enhancing our employees and suppliers through the KOMATSU Way
  • ・Employee training (non-consolidated);
    Average hours per FTE: 96 hours
    Average spent per FTE: JPY 244 thousand
  • ・Offered QC instructor training to oversea subsidiaries (September)
  • ・Developing national employees as in-house KOMATSU Way instructors
  • ・Conduct surveys on understanding of The KOMATSU Way 
  • ・Opened Oyama Technical Center to foster manufacturing skills (September)
  • ・Took place skill competitions;
    Manufacturing skill competition (October, 257 participants from 12 countries)
    QC circle competition (November, 120 cases from 13 countries)

  • ・Continuation of enhancement of manufacturing skill globally
  • ● Enhancing our employees and distributors through brand management
  • ・Improvement and expanding of Brand Management activities
  • ・Continuation of Improvement and expanding of Brand Management activities
  • ・Opened Model Training Center for Japanese distributors (October)
  • ・Service Technical Competition (October, 41 participants)
  • ・Launch of service training center in Asia
  • ・Support to oversea training centers
  • ・Support for distributors' development of managers
  • ● Respect for employees
  • ・Enhancement of employee's work-life balance (Average days of paid vacation taken per year: 18.4 days)
  • ・Continuation of enhancement of employee's work-life balance (2,100 or less working hours per year, and at least 17 days of paid vacation taken per year)
  • ・Development of self action plan to promote female employees (April, 2016)
  • ・Career plan training for female employees
  • ・Promoting female employees (Ratio of employees in management positions: 7% in FY2018, 10% in FY2021)
  • ・Promoting employment of  persons with disabilities (Employment ratio : 2.63%, non-consolidated, as of April 2016)
  • ・Continuation of creating workplaces that provide a sense of fulfillment such as activity of Business Creation Center
  • ・Employment ratio : 2.3%, Group Companies in Japan, as of April 2018
Growing with Society
Key Activities Major Achievements for FY2015 Reference Mid-range Issues and Targets 
  • ● Engaging in dialogue with our stakeholders
  • ・Shareholders' meeting (December, 800 participants)
  • ・Plant tours for shareholders (October and March, 2016, 350 participants)
  • ・Techno Center tours (August, 130 participants)
  • ・Meetings for Individual Investors (11 cities in Japan, 1000 participants)
  • ・Plant Fairs (5 plants in Japan, 43,700 visitors)
  • ・Komatsu Science and Technology Collaboration Council (November)
  • ・President meeting with employees and sharing Q&A session contents with global employees

  • ・Continuation of communication activities
  • ● Strengthening our corporate governance and compliance
  • ・Chairman resigned from the position of representative of the Board (April 2016)
  • ・Appointment of Global Officers (April 2016)
  • ・New stricture of the International Advisory Board (December)

  • ・Continuation of enhancement corporate governance
  • ・"Visualization" research of potential risks (July)
  • ・Conduct compliance and risk audit (352 offices)
  • ・Conduct compliance training (24,000 employees)
  • ・Information provision through "Everybody’s Compliance" (124 issues, cumulative total)
  • ・Development a system of mutual surveillance and continuation of individual activities
  • ● Promoting compliance with environmental, labor, human rights and social norms within the Group and among business partners
  • ・Conducting safety patrol (97 suppliers)
  • ・Implementation of power consumption reduction activities (97 suppliers)
  • ・CSR training (23 suppliers), Subcontracting Charges Law Training (311 participants from 217 suppliers)
  • ・Information provision through "CSR Bulletin" (118 issues, cumulative total)
  • ・Continuation of individual activities based on "CSR procurement guideline"
2. Social Contribution Activities   
Enhancing Quality of Life—Providing Products Required by Society  
Key Activities Major Achievements for FY2015 Reference Mid-range Issues and Targets 
  • ● Support for Agriculture with ICT
  • ・Soil improvement and direct seeding by intelligent Machine Control dozers (40% cost reduction in verification test)
  • ・Expansion of ITC intensive method
  • ・Verification test in large area
Developing People
Key Activities Major Achievements for FY2015 Reference Mid-range Issues and Targets 
  • ● Local HR education in the area
    of construction equipment and
  • ・Supporting HR development project in Liberia (School reopened in April 2015, graduated 149 students in August)
  • ・Continued support for the second term and providing service skill training
  • ・Sign agreement with Cummins Inc. to promote local HR development.
  • ・Launch of program in each area (Australia, South Africa, the US and Peru)
  • ● Komatsu-no-mori (science
    class and flower fostering
    provided by retired employees)
  • ・Amounted to 274,000 visitors (cumulative total)
  • ・Teaching how to grow flowers to kindergarten students (96 pupils from 2 kindergartens, donated flowers to 2 welfare facilities)
  • ・Plan of 5th anniversary event
  • ・Continuation of growing flowers with 2 kindergartens
  • ・Launch of "Waku-Waku Komatsu Workshop" (July)
  • ● Support to university research
    related to Komatsu's innovation
  • ・Visiting lectures to universities (to Indonesia and Thailand)
  • ・Hosting of instructors and providing lectures (from Indonesia)
  • ・Continuation of supporting to universities
Growing with Society
Key Activities Major Achievements for FY2015 Reference Mid-range Issues and Targets 
  • ● Disaster relief
  • ・Dam break accident in Brazil (November): Rental 2 wheel loaders free of charge
  • ・Kumamoto earthquake (April 2016): Rental container houses to Mashiki town free of charge
  • ・Quick support mainly with equipment and goods required by disaster area
  • ● Clearing anti-personnel land
    mines and reconstruction
  • ・Cambodia; Demined area 1,218ha, Road construction 39.5km, Ponds constructed 45, Schools constructed 7 (cumulative total). Donated temporary container houses for workers' residence.
  • ・Angola; Demined area 180ha (cumulative total)
  • ・Development of demining machine for cluster submunitions
  • ・Visiting lectures in Japan (6 times)
  • ・Continuous activities in Cambodia and Angora
  • ・Launch of project for demining cluster submunitions in Laos (August)
  • ・Continuation of visiting lectures
  • ● Supporting Flower Association
    of Japan
  • ・Technical support to fostering flowers in Komatsu Green Park
  • ・Donation of young cherry trees to disaster area of the Great East Japan Earthquake (more than 4000 trees, cumulative total)
  • ・Continuous support to growing flowers in Komatsu-no-mori
  • ・Inspection of health degree of cherry trees and consultation (Ina city and Koganei city)