Our Approach to CSR

Dialogue with Our Stakeholders

Creating a Variety of Dialogue Opportunities

Engaging in dialogues with our stakeholders is essential for determining the relative effectiveness of Komatsu's management and business in meeting social needs. Every department that has direct contact with our stakeholders is creating opportunities to lay out our company's current situation, receive feedback, and engage in useful discussions.

StakeholdersPurposesExamples of Meetings and ActivitiesFrequency
CustomersCollaborate to realize customers' goals and fulfill corporate responsibility
Brand Management ActivitiesDaily
Collaborate to resolve issues in society and in the regions we operate, participate in local activities Daily
Business PartnersPresident explains business performance, policies and strategiesVarious meetings for Midori-kai3 times a year
Conduct safety patrols and provide opportunities such as for support of efforts for obtaining certification As needed
DistributorsPresident explains business performance, policies and strategiesDistributor meetings in each region (U.S., Europe, China and Southeast Asia) Annually
EmployeesPresident explains business performance, policies and strategiesMeetings with the president
Sharing Q&A session content with global employees via the intranetAs needed
Dialogue with the labor union and employee representatives to improve the workplace environmentRegular Meetings between Management and Labor UnionAs needed
Local CommunityExplanation of initiatives related to operations, the environment and safetyMeetings with residents of the local community near the plantAs needed
Activities to resolve local issues based on employee suggestionsVoluntary activities by employeesDaily
Industry-Academia Collaboration PartnersExchange of ideas and opinions between representatives such as university professors and the Chief Technology OfficerKomatsu Science and Technology Collaboration CouncilBiannually
InvestorsCEO and CFO explains business performance, policies and strategiesIR Meeting in Japan, U.S. and EuropeJapan: Daily U.S. and Europe: Annually
Respond to inquiries and SRI surveysSRI SurveyDaily
Individual ShareholdersCEO and CFO explains business performance, policies and strategiesShareholders Meeting2—3 times a year, held in major cities in Japan
Plant tours and explanation of operationsPlant tours for shareholdersAbout twice a year in Japan

Exchange of Ideas and Opinions with Industry-Academia Collaboration Partners

Held by Komatsu Science and Technology Collaboration Council

On November 20, 2015, the third “Komatsu Industry-Academia Science and Technology Collaboration Council” was held. This is a meeting where, going beyond the individual relationships of Komatsu and each university with which we have an organizational collaboration agreement (Yokohama National University, Osaka University, Kanazawa University, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology), professors from five universities and representatives of Komatsu Groupís industry collaboration meet together to exchange information related to the industry collaboration with Komatsu and discuss how to proceed in the future. These councils have been held every other year since 2011 and this third meeting was a collaboration council with five universities, including Tokyo Institute of Technology with whom a new organizational collaboration has been established. Proposing themes based on Komatsuís vision for the future, representatives from both Komatsu and the universities passionately discussed how to maintain an environment that inspires activities, as well as how management level on both sides can provide accurate evaluations and support.