Social Contribution Activities

Disaster Relief

Komatsuís products, starting with construction equipment, are a necessity in the recovery and rebuilding process when a natural disaster has occurred. When such an event occurs, we support disaster recovery in practical ways, such as quickly assessing the situation in the affected area and providing the equipment and supplies needed. The latest support provided are as follows:

Flood Damage by Dam Collapse (Brazil)

For the dam collapse accident that occurred in November 2015 in southeast Brazil, Komatsu Brasil International Ltda. lent 2 wheel loaders free of charge to be used for sludge removal and construction to secure the roads.

  • Condition of collapsed dam
    Condition of collapsed dam
  • Wheel loader WA320 provided by Komatsu
    Wheel loader WA320 provided by Komatsu

Kumamoto Earthquake

For the Kumamoto Earthquake which occurred on April 14, 2016, we provided a temporary house as the office building for the city government in the town of Mashiki, one of the districts that suffered the most damage.

  • Condition of collapsed dam
    Mashiki town office building damaged by the earthquake
  • Wheel loader WA320 provided by Komatsu
    Temporary house put up as the temporary town office building