Social Contribution Activities

Promoting Sports—The Komatsu Women's Judo Club

Founded in 1991 as part of social contribution activities during the 70th anniversary of the company founding, the Komatsu Women's Judo Club is celebrating its 25th year. Since its establishment, a total of 82 athletes have participated in competitions worldwide. The club has actively engaged in teaching judo at home and abroad, and in welcoming foreign judo competitors, with the goal to develop and popularize this sport.

Results of Club Activities in FY2015

At the World Judo Championships held in Astana, Kazakhstan in August 2015, the athletes representing Japan, Haruna Asami (48kg class) won the silver medal and Miku Tashiro (63kg class) won the bronze medal. Also, Lien Chen-Ling (57kg class), a member of Komatsu’s judo club competed as an athlete representing Taiwan and gave an outstanding performance. For the team competition, the women’s team from Japan won all four matches, in a clean sweep from the first match to the final match with a score of 5 to 0. In those matches, Miku Tashiro who competed in the 63kg class performed exceptionally by winning 4 matches straight with ippon victories. For each day of the competition approximately 50 Komatsu employees—including people from the local Kazakhstan office and distributors, employees from Komatsu Manuacturing Russia, LLC and Komatsu CIS from Russia, as well as family and cheering squad from Japan—came to show support for the athletes.

Komatsu cheering squad at the World Judo Championships in Astana
Komatsu cheering squad at the World Judo Championships in Astana

During FY2015, all of the athletes entered competitions across the world, including Kuwait, Rabat (Morocco), Budapest (Hungary), Tyumen (Russia), Ahu Dhabi (UAE), Taipei (Taiwan), Cheju (South Korea), Paris (France), Rome (Italy), Düsseldorf (Germany) as well as domestically in Tokyo, Yokohama, Fukuoka, Akita, Amagasaki, Ageo and Chiba. Komatsu employees and their families based in regions where these competitions took place attended to show their support for the athletes. This worldwide support of judo has contributed to both the popularization of the sport and a greater corporate awareness through global teamwork.

In terms of team achievement, they attempted to continue their winning streak at the 65th Group Tournament of the All Japan Businessmen’s Judo Federation held in Akita in 2015 but unfortunately lost by the slightest of margins and placed second. The local personnel in Akita and a cheering party from Tokyo banded together to cheer for the team.
Since its establishment, the Komatsu Women's Judo Club has been training athletes from more than ten countries around the world. Athletes who have trained in judo at Komatsu have competed internationally, including at the Olympic Games in Athens, Beijing and London, and have won medals at world championships. It is our dream to one day see an athlete that had been supported by Komatsu competing against one of the Komatsu Women's Judo Club athletes at an Olympic Games.

Social Contribution Activities through Judo

The Komatsu Women's Judo Club has continued to coach the Komatsu Kids Judo Team at the Eitai Dojo (in Koto-ku, Tokyo), while also directing and coaching at judo classes in different places around the world, in order to popularize this sport and educate the next generation. Coach Mika Sugimoto conducts classes in many locations across Japan.
In FY2015, Judo classes continued to be held mainly in areas where Komatsu operates a production plant. The class in Yaroslavl, Russia was conducted for the fourth consecutive year and the one in China, held for the second consecutive year, took place in the Komatsu Judo Gymnasium donated by Komatsu in Jining, Shandong Province. Two coaches, Ayumi and Ikumi Tanimoto, who had been studying abroad, offered classes in France, the U.K. and Italy in addition to teaching judo and providing lectures in Calama City, a mining town in Chile, where they spoke with employees at Komatsu Cummins Chile in November.

The Judo classes in Yaroslavl, Russia was conducted for the 5 consecutive year under the instruction of Coaches Mika Sugimoto and Ikumi Tanimoto, while in Brazil, Assistant Coach Ayumi Tanimoto and Coach Mika Sugimoto held Judo classes at Parana and Komatsu Brazil’s Suzano Plant. In Astana where the World Championships were held, before the Championship competitions took place, Judo classes sponsored by the All Japan Judo Federation were held and Assistant Coach Ayumi Tanimoto participated in instructing.

Commemorative photo of all participants in the Yaroslavi Judo classes
Commemorative photo of all participants in the Yaroslavi Judo classes
Month Place Number of Participants
September Koriyama (Fukushima) 20
October Yaroslavl (Russia) 260
October Curitiba (Brazil) 150
October Suzano (Brazil) 70