Social Contribution Activities
Speial Story 3Komatsu’s Initiatives for the Social Issues In Various Areas of the World
The world has various social issues depending on each area.
As Komatsu develops business on a global scale, we listen to the opinions of the people who live in each area and conduct support activities to improve the living standards of the people in the local community. We believe that conducting such social contribution activities is the responsibility of those doing business in that area.

South Africa

Providing Basic Education to Youth Who Did Not Receive Education due to Apartheid (Komatsu South Africa Komatsu-DenRon Community Development Centre)

In the poverty-stricken districts of South Africa, there are a large number of unemployed people who did not receive education during the days of Apartheid. Meanwhile, there are businesses that suffer from a chronic lack of skilled human resources. In order to solve this problem at its source, Komatsu is cooperating with its customer, DenRon to operate a school and provide free education. The young people who graduated from this school have gone on to work full-time at local companies, and some have even become employees of DenRon.

Mr. Thembalethu Smith,
Graduate of Komatsu DenRon School
I grew up in the country and there were no computers in the village, so I was able to learn about computers for the first time at this school.

North America

Fostering Career Ideas in Children (Employees of Komatsu America as guest teachers)

“Junior Achievement (JA)” is an NPO supporting international education that provides programs to help children gain knowledge and experience as a member of society from the time they reach school age, and Komatsu America Corp. (KAC) supports this program through employee participation. In these classroom presentations, where the KAC employee becomes the teacher, not only do they gain the joy of the receiving children’s appreciation, the employees themselves improve their skills in communication and time management. Many of the managers of KAC consider participation in JA a part of employee education.

Mr. Peter Truschke,
Junior Achievement of Chicago
Komatsu volunteers are very important in providing a presence that connects the classroom with the real world.


Improving the Living Standards of Residents in the Mining Community (Community Support Together with Customer, Komatsu Cummins Chile)

For companies that engage in the mining industry, working to improve the living standards of the community is considered “license to operate” and Komatsu Cummins Chile (KCC) actively participates in this effort. As one of these activities, we are supporting the poverty-stricken district alongside our Customer, Minera Los Pelambres. The event at the elementary school of giving out Christmas presents—organized mainly by KCC employee volunteers—has been going on for 16 years.

Ms. Patricia Trigo,
Teacher at Coiron Elementary School
It is important that there are people who care about this little village.
Ms. Yesenia Carvaja,
It’s like they are all my uncles!


Improving the Living Standards of a Poverty-Stricken District (Local Community Support by KI Foundation)

The villages in the vicinity of Komatsu Indonesia (KI) have a high unemployment rate and the household income for the majority is lower than the average in Jakarta, with approximately 70% of the people not graduating from high school. The KI Foundation, funded by subsidiaries of Indonesia, provides educational funding support for the children in these areas, as well as providing health programs, promoting recycling, repairing mosques, and providing employment opportunity as hall staff in the employee cafeteria.

Mr. Suryana,
Caretaker of the Local Mosque
We received support in getting materials and paying the construction company for mosque repairs.


Construction Industry Labor Shortage - Promoting Labor Participation of Women (Komatsu Safety Training Center, Training Course aimed at women, Komatsu Rental (Temporary Toilets for Women))

In Japan’s construction industry, due to the aging of experienced workers and lack of young people taking construction jobs, the decrease in the labor population is becoming a serious problem. As a measure to deal with this, initiatives are being started in various areas to make it possible for women to work and be successful in the construction industry and Komatsu is also supporting these efforts. A training course aimed at women has been set up at Komatsu Safety Training Center, and Komatsu Rental has developed and started the rental of temporary toilets that women can use safely and comfortably at construction sites.

Ms. Midori Yamazaki,
Student of Komatsu Safety Training Center
The practicums make me nervous but it is easier not to feel timid when there are only women.