Enhancing Quality of Life -Providing Products Required by Society-

Contribute to Society through Core Business

Komatsu is helping to enhance the quality of people's lives by providing products that are used on construction and other sites, including mines and forestry sites.

In addition, by fully leveraging the power of innovation to provide unique products and services, we are solving the problems faced by our customers and society.

Contributing to Infrastructure Development and Improving Quality of Life

Komatsu products, such as construction equipment and mining equipment, help build nations and develop comfortable living environments around the world. Construction equipment helps implement the infrastructure for people's livelihoods, through the building of roads and commercial facilities, and the construction of harbors and embankments.

Komatsu products are also prominent in forestry, helping to produce pulp and lumber, and in mines that produce resources, such as metal ore and coal.

Business Development Focused on Innovation

Komatsu focuses on innovation when providing the above products and services, striving to become a necessary presence for our customers by fulfilling their needs. We are committed to our mission of helping people around the world to enhance their quality of life.
Initiatives that reflect this mission are described below, as examples of how we are meeting the needs of our civil engineering and construction customers.

Enhancing Quality of Life through Civil Engineering and Construction Business


As described above, Komatsu has been engaged in the theme “Enhancing Quality of Life, ”through the provision of products and services needed by our customers and society, while paying due consideration to the environment and safety in the course of conducting its business activities.