Our Approach to CSR

CSR Themes and Key Business Activities

We pursue the following three CSR Themes in our efforts to contribute to society through core business, and Key Business Activities are designated for each theme to reflect our latest mid-term management plan and social issues. As for our social contribution activities, we set themes under which Komatsu can apply technologies and know-how which we have accumulated in our core business.

Formulation Process and Review of Komatsu's CSR Priority Issues and Themes

Komatsu conducted a materiality analysis to determine its CSR Priority Issues and Themes with the support of Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), a U.S. nonprofit organization, as a third party. During this process, we identified a set of CSR Priorities, consisting of social issues important both to Komatsu's business and to our stakeholders, as issues Komatsu should address on a global scale. Through repeated internal discussions related to these priority issues, we identified the three CSR Themes.

As we developed these activities, we realized that in addition to undertaking CSR activities through our core business, it was also important to engage in social contribution activities in the local communities in which we operate. Consequently, we revised our approach in FY2015 and repositioned separately CSR activities through core business and social contribution activities.