Our Approach to CSR

Message from Top Management

Pursuing CSR activities through core businesses as our basic principle, we will also engage in social contribution activities that make the best use of Komatsu's strengths to fulfill our responsibilities to society.

Tetsuji Ohashi President
Tetsuji Ohashi

In FY2011, we stated that Komatsu is committed to contributing to society through core businesses, and we designated our CSR Themes: “Enhancing quality of life” by providing products required by society, “Developing people,” which Komatsu has emphasized since its founding, and “Growing with society” by fulfilling our corporate responsibilities in such areas as governance and compliance. In our Mid-term Management Plans, underway since FY2011, we have also clarified and begun to implement worldwide the specific Key Business Activities we will pursue for each CSR Theme. Here are a few examples.

Solving Issues through SMARTCONSTRUCTION

We set out our growth strategies based on innovation in the Mid-range Management Plan “Together We Innovate GEMBA Worldwide,” which covers the period ending March 31, 2016. Our goal is to expand business domains by providing new value through our “DANTOTSU” (unique and unrivaled) solutions, in which we take part in managing and raising the efficiency of entire construction projects for customers in addition to providing our products and services.

The most recent example of this strategy is the “SMARTCONSTRUCTION” business launched in Japan in February 2015. This solution service is intended to realize the safe and high-productivity job sites of the future by connecting all information on worksites through information and communication technology. We are promoting SMARTCONSTRUCTION to contribute to the solution of other anticipated on-site issues for customers, including the severe shortage of experienced workers.

In pursuing innovations such as these, Komatsu also values its collaborations with partners and participates in joint projects involving industry, academia and government, as well as industry-to-industry collaboration. By quickly adopting superior technologies from outside the company and promoting them through our business, we seek to promptly respond with solutions and value that address the challenges faced by our customers and by society at large.

Activities for Reducing Electricity and Environmental Action throughout the Value Chain

At the Awazu Plant in Ishikawa Prefecture, one of our main plants, the completion of a new assembly line in May 2014 was followed by the commencement of operations of a highly efficient biomass steam boiler system in April 2015. Using wood chips from forest thinning, the system is capable of using exhaust heat for air conditioning and other purposes in addition to generating power. We expect to meet our FY2015 goal of reducing the annual volume of purchased electricity by approximately 90% compared to FY2010.

These initiatives are already being applied to our plants in Japan, in Oyama, Tochigi and Osaka. Moreover, about half of the improvements actually implemented at Komatsu have been selectively adopted by business partners that manufacture our components. Many of these companies have already reported reductions in their electricity use, and we believe we can contribute to raising the competitiveness of our business partners through this initiative, which facilitates the reform of their production processes while reducing their environmental footprint.

Reducing CO2 emissions is another area that requires not only in-house action but also a response based on an understanding of the entire value chain. The KOMTRAX remote vehicle management system installed in our products is capable of monitoring how construction equipment is being used at customer job sites, providing us with a tool for proposing fuel-efficient operations. This system also enables Komatsu to gain an accurate grasp of the volume of CO2 emitted at the operating sites where our products are used. Our calculations have shown that operations at customer job sites account for approximately 90% of the volume of CO2 emitted by our products throughout their entire life cycle, from production to disposal. We will continue to develop products that minimize environmental impact and will strive to reduce CO2 emissions throughout our value chain.

Pursuing Social Contribution Activities Unique to Komatsu

While our basic principle is to “Contribute to society through core business,” we also aspire to fulfill our social responsibilities by engaging in social contribution activities that make the best use of our strengths.

Led by our local subsidiaries, Komatsu engages in human resource development and local community support activities that meet local needs in countries around the world. In undertaking these social contribution activities, it is important to focus on those that address issues faced by the local community, to join hands with good partners, and to participate consistently. We aim to engage in social contribution activities that are unique to Komatsu by making use of the know-how accumulated in our businesses and through the participation of our employees, and to enhance the value of these activities by sharing related information across the Group.

We will continue to pursue basic activities for safety, the environment, compliance and quality assurance by bolstering our corporate governance and by having all employees share in the KOMATSU Way in order to enhance our business performance, improve our business foundation, and fulfill our social mission in a balanced manner.

We are also actively participating in initiatives such as the United Nations Global Compact and the WBCSD, to take responsibility for doing our part in the world as a global corporation.

July 2015
Tetsuji Ohashi, President


  • Komatsu participates in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Please see this link.