Special Story 3
Living with the Local Community -Thinking about CSR using Chile as an Example-

For Komatsu, Chile in South America is a very important country, both in terms of its market and the number of our employees.
And another thing, Chile can be said to be the country that is most advanced and most zealously engaged in CSR activities.
The report from Karin Eggers at Komatsu Cummins Chile (KCC) makes us think about how we can better engage in CSR activities.

CSR Activities of Komatsu Cummins Chile (KCC)

Taking responsibility for the business, and changing the culture

At KCC we believe it is important to understand CSR as a new way of looking at the business, and at the same time, as a powerful tool for creating social value and transformation within the company.
CSR has provided a way to clarify our goals and to promote cultural change. A change that helps us expand our vision and allows us to systemically look at our organization within its environment. A change that allows us to ask ourselves, how are we doing? and how are the relationships we are building with different stakeholders?
Today companies can no longer be established in isolation from the rest of the world; we have to expand our vision and understand that companies play an increasingly important role in social transformations, and that there are expectations from various societal parties.

Reporter: Komatsu Cummins Chile, CSR Coordinator Ms Karin Eggers Gutierrez

Reporter: Ms. Karin Eggers Gutierrez
CSR Manager, Komatsu Cummins Chile Ltda.

Everyone has an affection to help others

The cultural change that involves integrating CSR into the business is a long, and not always easy, process. It is a process that requires design, conviction, and leadership, as well as opportunities for employee participation, with motivating and effective communication tools.
In this sense, we have seen that for CSR to completely permeate a company, CSR should be integrated into the business strategy and be constructed with plenty of participation from employees. It is the participation of our people that has enriched and given strength to this process of change.
Most people want to help others in need, but do not know how, or do not have the resources. Most people want to do things that are transcendent and meaningful. The CSR Volunteer Programs at KCC are designed to give our employees the opportunity to help others, and become involved in CSR programs to the level they want, in the area they want, which is very much appreciated by our employees. KCC Management sets the general guidelines for the CSR programs and assigns the budget, but the individual programs are generated from within the company by the employees themselves, via a competitive funds system, which helps to foment interest in the programs and ensures participation from our employees. We have discovered over the last few years that this system has not only resulted in high levels of involvement and interest in our CSR programs by our employees, but has also had a very positive influence on the working environment within the company. Our employees feel proud of the company.
In addition to the internal benefits, CSR has also become an opportunity to work more closely with our major mining customers, developing joint community projects and helping them achieve their social investment goals.

The most important thing is the participation of top-level leaders

Finally, we believe that the key to implementing a CSR model is the involvement of the top leadership of the organization. In this sense, we feel privileged to have CSR leadership from the highest authority of KCC, and managers who devote time to engaging with these issues, and who understand the multiple benefits associated with this new way of understanding business enterprise.
Above all, CSR allows us to build a better company and contribute to developing sustainability where we operate. That should make us feel proud!

From Company-wide Activities to Smaller Group Activities, the Various Initiatives by our Employees

Rehabilitation Program for Youth
This is a program that allows youth, who have been involved in crime and have finished their prison sentence, to be accepted by the company to gain skills necessary for finding employment, such as basic learning and getting a driver's license. Employees will become guardians and treat them like a close family member. A large percentage of the youth that complete the training program goes on to be employed by Komatsu.
(Please click this link to see the video that introduces this program.)

Rehabilitation Program for Youth

Hydroponic Cultivation of Vegetables in the Desert
Antofagasta City, a city in the desert, is experiencing population growth due to the increase in mining activities. To help resettle farmers in this region who are facing water shortages and problems with land use, we are supporting the management and commercial transactions for a project to research hydroponic cultivation of vegetables.

Hydroponic Cultivation of Vegetables in the Desert

Rebuilding a School in Haiti that had been Destroyed in the Earthquake
In 2010, Haiti experienced a major earthquake. KCC is working with the Chile government and the NPO organization “América Solidaria Internacional Foundation” to reconstruct elementary school buildings that were destroyed in the earthquake. In addition to providing donations, grants, and construction equipment, several of our employees have been sent to Haiti, which is several thousand kilometers away, to help out on-site.

Rebuilding a School in Haiti that had been Destroyed in the Earthquake

Supporting the Local Nursery
This nursery, which is situated in our company's neighborhood, was initially set up and funded by donations to support mothers who had to work due to various circumstances. However, the nursery was increasingly unable to provide adequate childcare due to lack of funding without government's subsidies. Therefore our employees have volunteered to provide grassroots support by helping to repair the building, and donate used equipment.
(Please click this link to see the video that introduces this program.)

Supporting the Local Nursery

Reducing Traffic Jams and CO2 Emissions through Car Share
Traffic jams: a problem all major cities have in common. To help reduce these traffic jams and CO2 emissions, our employee volunteers have launched a “car share” project. They have set up a system that creates car share groups by having people registering their commuting routes and desired times for travel. In addition, people who commute by car pooling get an added bonus of getting to use the VIP parking spaces that are right near the office buildings.

Reducing Traffic Jams and CO2 Emissions through Car Share

Lots of Other Initiatives

Employee volunteers spend holidays with victims of domestic violence to help heal emotional scars.

Mining sites — a part of KCC's business — are often located in remote areas. We make visits to the elementary schools in such areas to give the children a fun day.

We donate the money saved by switching from paper Christmas cards to an electronic version to the local fire department. Each year we raise close to $1,000 in donations.

Benito Baranda Executive President América Solidaria Internacional Foundation

The way to becoming a company trusted by the society

Mr. Benito Baranda
Executive President
América Solidaria Internacional Foundation

Having a relationship with Komatsu Cummins Chile for over three years, and as the president of América Solidaria Foundation, I've witnessed the valuable trajectory that has helped Komatsu Cummins to be socially responsible from a comprehensive perspective. Its efforts are not superficially associated to marketing or occasional actions, nor is it limited to the “outside”. On the contrary, your company has sought to give their CSR work the utmost internal and external consistency, staying innovative, having good corporate practices, and committing to activities within the community.
I must highlight your interest in certain social challenges where nobody else is willing to act (e.g., the marginalized youth), and in the territories of the American continent where development opportunities are scarce (e.g., the education in Haiti). I find it admirable that you always include all the executives and employees in this notable work, which undoubtedly makes it a serious, honest, and consistent undertaking.
Komatsu Cummins Chile has certainly set the standard for the authentic way of becoming an organization that comprehensively assumes the responsibility for being a Socially Responsible Corporation, and it is an honor to be a part of this process.